MultiDyne Introduces First “Universal” SMPTE-HUT Unit, Compatible With Most HD and Quad Link Camera

Latest Camera Transceiver Works Seamlessly With Virtually Any Digital Video Camera And Base Station.
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Hauppauge, NY, September 11-15, 2015—At the IBC 2015 Show in Amsterdam (Stand 9.D40), MultiDyne© Video & Fiber Optic Systems, a leader in fiber-optic signal transport, will introduce a compact new addition to its popular line of SMPTE-HUT universal transceivers. The innovative “Universal” MultiDyne HUT is half the size of a traditional HUT system and works with the vast majority of SMPTE high-definition and 4K cameras on the market today. Providing a number of ROI benefits, this new transceiver allows rental houses and users of different cameras to use the same MultiDyne HUT system for any project. Previously, users had to pick a dedicated MultiDyne system for the specific camera they were shooting with.

The new Universal HUT system is part of MultiDyne’s companywide “Fiber First” initiative that will spotlight a range of new and existing products that leverage the convenience and performance benefits of moving audio, video and communications signals over fiber-optic cable. Like all MultiDyne HUT systems, the new Universal Hut is used as a fiber adaptor power supply that effectively stretches a SMPTE camera chain for miles.

“The new Universal HUT is a product customers have been asking for and we’ve now delivered it in a product that’s smaller and lighter than our existing SMPTE HUT powered transceiver,” said Frank Jachetta, President of MultiDyne. “Although we’ve succeeded in creating this compact universal unit, we still plan to continue developing HUT units for specific manufacturers’ cameras, such as Hitachi, Ikegami, Panasonic and Sony.”

Like all of the MultiDyne SMPTE-HUT systems, the new Universal HUT helps extend signal distribution distances significantly over fiber than what is now possible with traditional hybrid cable. It’s also one of the smallest and most compact SMPTE camera power systems the industry has ever seen.

The MultiDyne Universal SMPTE HUT is ideally suited for those professionals working in remote broadcasting, sports, shared control rooms, campus facilities, arenas and stadiums. This new Universal HUT is similar to MultiDyne’s popular SMPTE-HUT hybrid universal camera transceiver line in that it not only will achieve transmission distances that are simply impossible over hybrid copper/fiber cables, but also eliminates RF, EMI and grounding issues. It also facilitates faster set and strike times and lighter OB Vans, B-units and cable shipments.

This-plug-and-play system can be used both as a passive, unpowered system where local power must be supplied to the camera head or as a powered system where the camera end device actually powers the camera head up to 1000m of 14mm SMPTE hybrid cable. With either powering scheme, at the CCU end is a small adapter that accepts the hybrid cable from the CCU.

The new MultiDyne Universal HUT will be available in Q1 2016 and comes with a full seven-year warranty.

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