K-Tek Key to Sound Capture for Baker on Tandem Unit of The Good Wife

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One-hour dramas are notoriously high-pressure productions. There is simply too much to cover in the time allowed for each episode. That’s why most productions create the Tandem Unit. “We often work along side the main production unit, picking up additional footage,” explains

The Good Wife’s

Tandem Unit’s mixer and boom operator James Baker. “This show uses 90% boom mics, especially on the stage. And the Sennheiser MKH 50’s we use are very sensitive to handling noise. So quality suspension mounts and poles are needed--that’s why my K-Tek gear is crucial.” Baker, whose list of credits includes reality shows like

The X Factor, Project Runway


My Fair Wedding

to dramatic programming such as


and tandem on

The Good Wife

, is extremely cognizant of the audio challenges of sound on these shows. “I have three K-Tek Klassic graphite boom poles,” he says. “The 16-foot is for dramatic work, the 12-foot medium pole for various challenges, and the 9-foot for doc work. I like that they combine light weight with durability. The 9-foot pole is an old friend that has been around the world with me in some very tough locations and shoots. K-Tek makes quality products so I’m happy to try anything they bring out.” Baker was one of the first to try out K-Tek’s new Nautilus microphone suspension mount. “You always need to have a boom pole and shock mount that limits handling noise,” he explains. I have had great success using the Sennheiser MKH 50 with the K-Tek pole and the Nautilus. It has the suspension and vibration absorption I need when I’m using any shotgun mic.” The Nautilus features a spiral design that applies an even distribution of force in three dimensions. “Which is exactly what I need when I have to move the mic in any direction or orientation quickly,” he adds. All K-Tek equipment is made in the U.S.A. For further information contact: K-Tek, 1384-F Poinsettia Ave., Vista, CA  92081; Phone 760-727-0593; Fax 760-727-0693;


, or visit K-Tek on Facebook at




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