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2C 2.0 Aims to Frenzy Baseball Fans with Promo Campaign for MLB’s Wild Card Series on ESPN and ABC

This fall, ESPN has a Major League Baseball postseason unlike any seen before.

To promote its telecast of the MLB Wild Card Series, ESPN worked in collaboration with agency 2C 2.0 around the idea of “Fall Frenzy,” a multi-sensory-overload-level creative campaign with a series of spots that make you see, hear and feel the Frenzy.

2C 2.0 Promo Campaign for MLB’s Wild Card Series on ESPN and ABC

The concept was a custom shot-by-shot, multi-layered treatment inspired by 90’s grunge rock poster art to capture what makes this postseason unique: more teams, more pressure, more stars.

Together, ESPN and 2C 2.0 created a home-run campaign that truly embodies the elevated excitement and the unexpected nature of fall baseball this year. Executed by a talented, curated team of designers, animators and editors spanning 2 countries and 5 time-zones, the campaign includes both English and Spanish versions, cut-downs and radio. Watch the 30-second promo HERE.

With four days, 16 teams and the best of three, the “Fall Frenzy” on ESPN and ABC airs through October 2.