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color correction


The History of Color Timing

Colorist Dale Grahn writes a fascinating three-part essay for Colorist Society International tracing the history of the color timer profession and positing whether it...


Color Grading Resource Guide

Editor and colorist Jonny Elwyn gathers up some of the best color correction resources from around the web. He writes, “When it comes to...


Colorist Mixer at IBC, September 10th

International Colorist Academy,, and present the third IBC Colorist Mixer on Saturday, September 10th from 7:00 PM – 11:30 PM. Colorists, editors, DPs, directors and DITs...


How to Create a Virtual LUT

Colorist Patrick Inhofer provides a video tutorial for understanding and creating virtual LUTs. He writes, “Imagine for a moment that you’ve profiled your color...


How to Color Grade HDR Footage

In the below 4-part video fron CineTechGeek, colorist Walter Volpatto discusses color grading high dynamic range footage. In the first part, Volpatto discusses HDR...


HDR From a Colorist’s Viewpoint

Colorist Alexis Van Hurkman has written up an extensive article looking at HDR from a colorist’s perspective, including how to grade it within DaVinci Resolve....


Tips for Using LUTs

In the below Digimedia Dude podcast, Mercelo Lewin interviews colorist Casey Faris, who discusses color correction basics and how filmmakers can use LUTs to...

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