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HFR: Yes, No, Maybe, Why? “Gemini Man” Technical Supervisor Answers Your Question(s)

“We've found is that the more detail you give to a viewer, the more their eyes like it.”

The article ”Why Should You Give a Damn About Movies With High Frame Rates in 2020?” appeared on TechRadar.

“Filmed in 4K, 3D and 120fps (though most cinema screens showed it in 60fps), [Gemini Man] attracted some positive notices for the technology behind the movie,” writes TechRadar’s Samuel Johnson though reviews were mostly negative. One critic described HFR as making “actors, objects and even the air somehow flimsy and weird and fake.”

“We spoke with the movie’s technical supervisor Ben Gervais, who worked with director Lee on this [project], about how higher frame rates can offer improvements to the viewing experience,” Johnson continues.

“Typically, not just in the action genre but in films in general, it’s a voyeuristic third-person kind of experience, and [Ang] really wanted the moviegoing experience to be much more intimate,” Gervais says.

“So as a result of that, one of the things that we’ve been exploring is high frame rate, and what we’ve found is that the more detail you give to a viewer, the more their eyes like it. The more they forget it’s a regular movie screen, and the more they get pulled in to the story.

Behind-the-scenes of “Gemini Man”

“While it’s not what audiences are used to, it can’t hurt that some filmmakers want to challenge tradition, when every other film they see is released in the standard 24fps.”

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