ZERO VFX Creates Stunning New Branding Identity and 3D Animated Logo for Escape Artists Productions

Creative Team at ZERO VFX Build Entirely New Corporate Identity for Feature Film Production Company, Culminating in Immersive 3D Animated Sequence
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ZERO VFX ( today announced that its creative team has completed a new branding campaign for Escape Artists Productions, an independently financed motion picture and television production company based in Culver City, CA. Escape Artists feature films include Sex Tape, starting Cameron Diaz, which was released this past summer. Sex Tape also features extensive visual effects work from ZERO VFX.

In addition to completing all visual elements for the branding campaign, ZERO VFX collaborated with acclaimed Japanese composer, Wataru Hokoyama for the musical score in the animated sequence. Based in Hong Kong, Hokoyama presented a film at Cannes that won the Palm d'Or, an audience award at Sundance, and he also collaborated with Jared Leto's band, 30 Seconds to Mars, on their A Beautiful Lie album. Hokouama has been commissioned by the US Air Force and the Imperial Family of Japan, and most recently he's won awards for scoring several major Sony Playstation franchises.

“Working with the team at Escape Artists Productions was an incredible experience. Typically, a branding project for us entails creating new artwork, images, sequences and logos. But this project was different,” said Sean Devereaux, creative director and co-founder of ZERO VFX. “During this experience, we were able to work with Escape Artists to completely reimagine their corporate identity and branding, literally from a blank slate. And the collaboration spread through our entire team from concept work and live action elements shot by VFX Supervisor Don Libby.”

The branding effort led by the team at ZERO began with a complete overhaul of the production company’s brand identity and culminated in a stunning 4K rendering of a 3D animated sequence that is now showcased during the introduction of its feature films and television production. The new sequence can be seen here and made it’s debut at the premier of Sex Tape.


Creative Director: Sean Devereaux

VFX Supervisor: Don Libby

Executive Producer:  Brian Drewes

CG Animators: Robby Geis, Kyle Raffile and Alex Falcon

Concept Artists: Nathan Boldman and Adam Gill

VFX Coordinators: Meg Bailey and Emily Bowen

Logo designed with Carl DeTorres

Original Score by: Wataru Hokoyama.

Escape Artists:

Very special thanks to Steve Tisch, Jason Blumenthal and Todd Black.

About Escape Artists Productions

Founded in 2001, Escape Artists Productions is an independently financed motion picture and television production company with a first-look, non-exclusive deal at Sony Pictures Entertainment, and is headed by partners Steve Tisch, Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and David Bloomfield. For more information, please visit

About ZERO

Small, nimble, creative and highly innovative, the group of visual effects and digital media artists at ZERO question standard assumptions and challenge the status quo. We tap into each others' passion, vision and energy to push creative further. We change, we evolve, we direct, we produce, we develop; we are impassioned by our projects and inspired by our clients. We strive for excellence in every work we create. We bring it. 

At ZERO, the team is everything. It’s an environment we encourage, and in it, we thrive.  It allows for more iterations, more opportunities for creative input and most of all, better work with fewer compromises. 

We also innovate. We don’t just tap into the cloud, we designed a better one that’s tailored to what we do and how we do it. New cloud based technologies that we designed and built help us work smarter, faster and with global efficiency.

ZERO VFX visual effects and post production studio is physically based in Boston, Massachusetts. But our impact is felt everywhere. To learn more, please visit


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