WXYZ Detroit Equips Camera Ops With 15 Fujinon HD Lenses As Part Of HD ENG Switch

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Custom-built lens combined with JVC GY-HD250 camera in use for HD news gathering, sports and special events WAYNE, New Jersey, September 22, 2008 – WXYZ, the ABC affiliate in Detroit, has purchased 15 Fujinon HTs18X4.2 BERM HD lenses with 2X extenders as part of the station’s switchover to HD newsgathering. The lenses are being used to outfit the station’s team of camera operators with HD equipment and are being used with JVC GY-HD250 cameras for news gathering, sports and special events production. According to Earl Watkins, WXYZ Chief Photographer, the Fujinon lens was the best fit for their new HD field format for ENG: “We chose the lenses for their HD quality and because we liked the way they felt. Our previous lenses were slightly shorter, which was beneficial for certain shooting scenarios, but when we added the hard drive to the camera, the longer Fujinon lens helped balance out the camera and improved the feel - which is critical in ENG applications.� The HTs18X4.2 BERM was developed specifically for use on the JVC camera at the request of the Scripps Broadcasting Group, which owns WXYZ. The-lens’ high-quality glass compensates for a smaller 1/3-inch imager, allowing it to perform at its optimum. Watkins notes that when shooting under low lighting conditions, the quality of the Fujinon lens stands out the most. “During undercover or investigative reporting there’s typically less light, but even in those challenging conditions, you notice the performance quality of the lens and its crispness,� he explained. WXYZ and other Scripps stations have upgraded to a digital workflow by storing video on Focus Enhancement FireStore disk drives and editing on Macintosh laptops running Apple Final Cut Pro software. Response to the new lenses has been overwhelmingly positive, adds Watkins: “I receive absolutely no complaints from my camera operators. They’ve all told me they like the way it tracks when you’re trying to follow focus.� Fujinon is a major manufacturer and distributor of optics and lens assemblies for the broadcast, digital cinema, and industrial markets. The company's line of television zoom lenses are used in virtually every segment of the broadcast industry, including electronic newsgathering, studio and field production, and high definition television. For more information about Fujinon broadcast and communications products, call 1 (973) 633-5600 or visit our web site at