Wow & Flutter Names Ryan Rees as Corporate Vice President

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Santa Monica, CA, October 13, 2006 - Currently celebrating its 10 year anniversary, Wow and Flutter West, one of the most respected and award winning original music, sound design and audio post production companies in Los Angeles, has named Ryan Rees as Corporate Vice President of its Wow and Flutter Post operating unit. Jerry Brunskill, founder, Wow and Flutter West, made the announcement.

In his new post, Rees will be responsible for implementing and overseeing the creative “vision” of Wow and Flutter Post, and also managing the company‘s multi-service front for its clientele.

Brunskill said, “Ryan reminds me of myself when I was in my 20‘s. His work ethic and willingness to do ‘whatever it takes‘ to make it happen is what sets him apart. Call me a narcissist ...maybe that‘s why I have so much confidence in him! He is a young professional with a broad range of skills, including work as a composer, front of house engineer, re-recording mixer, audio supervisor, album engineer, musician, and director/producer of music videos. He will help us extend our industry outreach, especially to young filmmakers and creatives.”

Rees adds, “Audio post is a tough business. At Wow and Flutter, we‘re about the people and service--if it‘s not fun, then we must be doing something wrong. I‘m really excited, this is an incredible opportunity for me.”


Prior to joining Wow & Flutter, Ryan Rees has been working as a freelance studio session producer, composer and audio mixer. Rees owned and operated his first studio in Minneapolis at the age of 15. Also as a teenager, he toured the country playing bass and mixing front of house sound.

Based in Minnesota in l996, Rees first worked with Wow and Flutter‘s Jerry Brunskill as a freelance composer and studio musician. In l998, he relocated to Dallas, where he expanded his company to provide up and coming artists with support in the studio and on the road.

Some of Rees‘ clients in Dallas included Matchbox 20, Willie Nelson, Eli and Young, CBS, VH1, and ABC. He left Dallas in 2000 and relocated to Los Angeles, working as a freelance engineer and producer. He again partnered up with Jerry Brunskill as a freelance composer in 2001. Along with his new post partnership with Brunskill, Rees has recently finished Season # 3 as Audio Supervisor for MTV‘s “Laguna Beach.”


Founded in l996 by multi-Emmy Award winning composer Gerald Brunskill, Wow and Flutter West is a leading music, sound design and audio production and post-production company based in the heart of the media district of Santa Monica, CA. The company‘s operating units are Gerald Brunskill Music (GBM,) Wow and Flutter Post, and Rellim Reeb Productions.

Headquartered in an 8,000 square foot showplace on the prestigious Westside of Los Angeles, Wow and Flutter counts among its clients many of the entertainment industry‘s most successful and prominent television programs, TV networks and production companies, and mainstream and independent filmmakers. The company offers clients use of its new mixing theater, “Stage A,” as well as a state of the art ADR and Foley stage, an ultra chic 5.1 surround sound home theater mixing room, and various music and editing suites, along with a centralized machine room.

Wow and Flutter‘s clients include ABC Television, CBS Television, NBC Television, FOX Television, Paramount Television, MGM Television, A&E, IFC, Voom, E!, Touchstone Pictures, MGM Pictures, New Line Cinema, Samuel Goldwyn Company, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros Pictures, King World Television and Harpo Productions, among many others.

The company, with interior design in the classic Santa Monica architecture-style of exposed, original brick walls and polished concrete flooring, is located at 1533-26th Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90404. The phone is 310/264-6100 and the web is




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