WORKSHOP Launches Campaigns for Plum TV, Völkl Tennis

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WORKSHOP, the five-month old agency founded by Arthur Bijur and David McNamara, created a pair of campaigns recently, one to re-brand Plum TV and another to promote legendary ski equipment manufacturer Völkl's growing tennis racquet business.

"Two new and very different clients came to us, both asking for smart, very visible work. One was a total rebranding overhaul and the other was a new product introduction. The WORKSHOP set-up was perfect for them both," noted WORKSHOP Co-Founder and Creative Director Arthur Bijur. "We're set up to come up with great ideas, execute and crank them out, produce them and save time, money, and frustration for our clients."

David Mcnamara, who also shot the work added, "We love to concept, shoot, build and produce and finish from start to finish. That way it gets done by the craftspeople themselves, at high standards. That's what we do."

Plum TV sought to re-brand itself as fun, informational, current and all new. WORKSHOP developed a long term positioning with advertising, design, promotional materials, bus wraps and delicious street stunts around the tag "Get the Juicy Stuff." The campaign launched in the summer and will run through the year. An oversized, almost quivering, moist, juicy plum, shot by McNamara, is at the center of the sleek imagery, which has aided a dramatic viewership increase.

"WORKSHOP was the perfect agency for us," said Plum TV Director of Advertising, Tina Potter. "Their model is lean and clean - they were quick and full of fresh ideas. An agency that can execute a campaign that it creates itself vastly improves the entire production process, so that everything happens faster and more efficiently than with your typical agency."

Völkl, known internationally for their skis, brought WORKSHOP in to handle its growing tennis racquet business. While its racquets are well known and respected overseas, the company's product is new to the US, so WORKSHOP launched an aggressive campaign during the US Open to introduce the products to American consumers. Elements included print and a web campaign with a viral about the world's longest tennis match that demonstrated the racquet's superior arm protective design.

"WORKSHOP was outstanding," stated Völkl USA Director Sean Frost. "They did breakthrough, smart branding work, without a lot of process or waste. We wanted to make some noise and reach a smart customer with an approach that tapped into their highly competitive mindset. WORKSHOP delivered a ballsy, literally, approach. Völkl has been on a roll since we launched, thanks in large part to the story that these guys have helped us tell."

Plum TV
Plum TV



Client(s): Plum TV, Völkl


CD(s): Arthur Bijur, David McNamara

Prod Company: COLLECTIVE

Photographer: David McNamara


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