Utah Scientific IBC2008 Product Preview

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Utah Scientific IBC2008 Product Preview Stand 2.B20 Company Overview

Utah Scientific, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of analog, digital, and HDTV routing switchers, master control switchers, and related products including a full range of software for controlling and managing switching systems. The company has been serving the broadcast industry for 30 years with industry-leading products and best-in-class service and support as demonstrated by the industry's best (10-year) warranty. Additional information about the company can be found at



Product Highlights at the IBC2008 Show

UTAH-400/XL Routing Switcher

At the IBC2008 Show, Utah Scientific will host the European unveiling of the first 1056x1056 routing switcher in a single rack. The UTAH-400/XL, designed specifically for large-scale routing capacity in limited physical space, is a 1056x1056 matrix that fits in a single equipment rack while using industry-standard BNC connectors. Adding to the company's widely successful UTAH-400 routing switcher product family, the UTAH-400/XL has an innovative matrix architecture, readily scalable from 288x288 to 1056x1056 and beyond using a single family of matrix building blocks. In addition to this flexibility of configuration, the UTAH-400/XL offers tremendous reductions in the physical space and power consumption requirements of large routing systems. As the demand for matrix capacity continues to increase, so also does the demand for a small footprint. The UTAH-400/XL addresses these conflicting requirements in a big way — it is the largest matrix in the smallest space, and it is accompanied by all the well-known features and reliability of the UTAH-400 family of routing switchers.

UTAH-400/528R Routing Switcher

At the IBC2008 Show, Utah Scientific will make its European debut of a new frame for large routers up to 528x528 with fully automatic internal crosspoint redundancy. The new UTAH-400/528R frame is the latest addition to the company's popular UTAH-400 routing switcher family. Giving users the ability to install a full 528x528 router in just 20 RU — the smallest physical footprint in the industry — the UTAH-400/528R uses standard 75-ohm BNC coaxial connectors. In addition, this frame offers the option of a redundant crosspoint module for the ultimate in service reliability in mission-critical applications for large routing systems. The crosspoint redundancy of the UTAH-400, when combined with the Utah Scientific SC-4 control system's unique monitoring and control facilities, provides the industry's best solution for the most demanding operational requirements.

MC-4000 and MC-40 –

Master Controllers for High-End and Smaller Applications Two powerful extensions to Utah Scientific's master control family will be introduced to the European market for the first time at IBC2008. The MC-4000 delivers two complete signal processing channels in a 3-RU package, offering larger broadcasters a fully integrated system for the most demanding on-air operations. For smaller applications, the MC-40 provides a stand-alone package that integrates the company's widely successful MC-400 channel-branding board along with an 8-input board that allows the MC-40 to be used separately from the UTAH-400 routing switcher. In an effort to address the different needs of Utah Scientific's growing customer base, the integrated master control systems handle all of the functions for both high-end facilities and smaller master control applications. The MC-4000 features switchable HD/SD operation for maximum flexibility. Each processor channel has four keyers that can be fed with internal logos or external key signals, a built-in two-window squeeze-back effects generator, and internal audio and video clip stores. The MC-40, with two keyers, internal logo generator, and audio clip store, can be used as a stand-alone master control switcher with four sources or downstreamed from a router to get additional sources on-air. ENDS



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