TEKVOX Introduces TEK 1201-N Next Generation Presentation Switcher

TEKVOX has announced the TEK 1201-N Next Generation Presentation Switcher for simplified AV and control in classrooms and small conference rooms and with collaboration tables.
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TEKVOX has announced the TEK 1201-N Next Generation Presentation Switcher for simplified AV and control in classrooms and small conference rooms and with collaboration tables. 

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Using the TekTouchPad or TCX9 TekController it’s simple to create a low-cost mediated classroom or training room with the 1201-N at its core.  Users can even implement CEC control of a Blu-ray player and display for full control using RS232 commands through the TekTouchPad or IP commands through the TCX9.

The 1201-N may be quickly and easily installed using TEKVOX’s popular Drop-In solution and operates with Drop-In commands. TEKVOX Drop-Ins are highly automated, networked managed and factory-programmed solutions, which are configured for easy integration and installation, reliability and simple maintenance. 

“The new TEK 1201-N is the only presentation switcher on the market with so many great features,” says TEKVOX CTO Mike Slattery.  “Among them are seamless switching, CEC control of sources and displays, routing embedded HDBaseT RS232 commands to a display, and automatic operation, including automatically powering on and off a display.”

The seamless, high-performance Auto-Switcher Scaler features five HDMI and one multi-format (VGA, YUV or Video) inputs and two mirrored outputs, one HDMI and one HDBaseT Lite.

The 1201-N also offers a mix stereo line input, a balanced stereo audio output and separate source and mix volume controls.

The new switcher has TCP/IP control and operates in both Auto and Manual switching modes.  Display control is via CEC, IR or RS232; control of HDMI sources is with CEC or IR.

The 1201-N includes the TEK TPUH411RA HDBaseT receiver with audio extraction and a rack and wall mounting kit.

Installation of a multi-input switcher has never been easier with the use of CEC commands embedded on both the HDMI input and output connections.  Users just connect CEC-controlled devices to the switcher and implement the remote to fully operate the system.

For hands-free operation, users place the switcher in automatic mode and connect a laptop or any other device to any input.  The 1201-N automatically switches to the last connected input and the CEC controlled display automatically powers on.  When users disconnect from the switcher for three minutes the display automatically powers off.

To mix in a microphone users add a microphone mixer to the MIX input of the switcher and control its volume level separately. 

To simplify installation, the 1201-N has PoH to power the TEK TPUH411RA receiver with audio extraction.  If the display does not have CEC control, the switcher can send RS232 commands over HDBaseT to operate our TEK 3 for driver-selected control of a display or to send control commands directly to a display.  Control for the switcher is provided by the unit’s RS232 and TCP/IP connection or the RS232 connection at the receiver. 

The Tek 1201-N Next Generation Presentation Switcher will be available now.  The MSRP is $1735.00.


TEKVOX (http://www.tekvox.com) is a private Texas company offering unique A/V control technology that brings unprecedented affordability, capability and reliability to audio/visual applications in teaching, training, meeting and interactive collaboration. Applying state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise management (EMS) technologies, TEKVOX’s distributed, networked solutions dramatically change the cost of acquiring and operating A/V-rich facilities.


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