Shotgun Software and Thinkbox Software Offer Integrated Production Tracking & Deadline Render Queue Management

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Connectivity between Deadline and Shotgun to be previewed at NAB 2011

Los Angeles, Calif. & Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (April 11, 2011) –

Shotgun Software

, the web-based project management and collaboration system, and

Thinkbox Software



render queue management software, today announced their intent to integrate their tools, offering visual effects, animation and digital production studios an out-of-the-box solution that greatly increases the speed of the render and review workflow and provides insights into how studios are using their render resources. This integration will be unveiled at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference (NAB) April 11-14 in Las Vegas, NV. “Our clients render and review their work thousands of times during the life of a project, so inefficiencies in that workflow can be frustrating and costly,� said Don Parker, co-founder and CEO, Shotgun Software. “The goal of this integration is to provide our clients with a toolset that helps them iterate and collaborate on their work as efficiently as possible.� Added Chris Bond, president, Thinkbox Software, “After spending a large chunk of my career as a Visual Effects Supervisor, I’m a big proponent of optimizing pipelines to make everything run more smoothly on a show. Having Shotgun and Deadline talk to one another is really exciting because it offers facilities large and small access to an incredible level of flexibility and control. The ability to run Deadline renders directly through Shotgun, and benefit from all of the automated note-taking, data gathering and tracking that entails allows projects to maximize resources and run much more efficiently.� The Shotgun and Deadline integration enables a seamless render and review data flow. When Deadline starts a render, a “Version� is automatically created in Shotgun with key metadata. When the render is complete, Deadline updates Shotgun with a thumbnail image, paths to frames, render stats, and playback links. Shotgun then dispatches out targeted notifications with links back to the work. Studios can then view the Versions in various contexts, create reports, and organize work into Playlists for review sessions where they can quickly take Notes with Shotgun’s “Note App.� Access to Shotgun-Deadline integration is free for Deadline users who are on an active maintenance subscription and will be included in Deadline 5.0. A public beta will open shortly after NAB to qualified customers.

Check out Shotgun & Deadline integration at NAB

Shotgun-Deadline integration will be demonstrated at Shotgun’s exhibit booth, #SL 9707 and Thinkbox’s demo suite in Country Club Classic Suite #2987/89 in the Las Vegas Hilton, minutes from the NAB tradeshow floor. To book a demo in the Thinkbox suite, call 1-866-419-0283 or visit

. To see this integration and meet the Shotgun team, visit booth SL9707, or email

to set up a meeting during the show.

About Shotgun Software

Shotgun Software was founded in January 2006 by a group of visual effects professionals to build production tracking and pipeline solutions. The founding members worked together on a major studio animated feature, and are developing Shotgun to fill the mounting industry need for a commercially viable system for managing complex projects spread across multiple locations. Shotgun is actively developing the system with more than 250 industry studios including Digital Domain, Double Negative, Framestore, Rainmaker, Playstation, Blizzard, Zoic Studios, Dr. D, and Laika. For more information, and an online demonstration, visit


About Thinkbox Software

Thinkbox Software provides creative solutions for visual artists in entertainment, engineering and design. Developers of high-volume particle renderer Krakatoa and render farm management software Deadline, Thinkbox Software solves difficult production problems with intuitive, well-designed solutions and remarkable support. An artist-driven company, we create tools that help artists manage their jobs and that empower them to create worlds and imagine new realities. Thinkbox was founded in 2010 by Chris Bond, founder of Frantic Films.