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New Digital Cinema Technologies for Mastering, Encryption and Exhibition

CineEurope 2011, Booth #400 Amsterdam: June 14, 2011… Qube Cinema, a world leader in digital cinema technology will present the new Qube Xi 4K Integrated Media Block; QubeMaster Xport, a DCP mastering plug-in for Final Cut Pro users; Qube KeySmith, a KDM generating system, along with the company's XP-D digital cinema server at CineEurope in Amsterdam, June 27-30. Building on technologies developed by parent company Real Image, Qube Cinema offers filmmakers, post facilities and exhibitors an easy path into the rapidly growing world of digital cinema. "Real Image pioneered digital cinema technologies in India, one of the world's largest and fastest growing film markets," explained Senthil Kumar, co-founder of Real Image and Qube Cinema. "Our comprehensive approach to digital cinema allows us to offer proven tools for content creators and distributors, as well as exhibitors. This is what makes Qube Cinema stand out."

Qube Xi 4K IMB

The new Qube Xi 4K will work with any digital projection system that supports an Integrated Media Block. Rather than using a PCI Express extension cable, the Qube Xi 4K is Ethernet-based, ensuring that there are no limitations of distance between the projector and the server, as well as eliminating any potential shielding problems. "The Qube Xi 4K opens up a whole new world of possibilities for theater design," said Nigel Dennis, director of sales and marketing for Qube Cinema in Europe. Attractive, space-saving boothless projection is now a practical possibility, as is the option of using secure centralized storage locations." The Qube Xi 4K IMB support HD, 2K, 4K and stereoscopic 3D content in a wide variety of DCI-compliant formats.

QubeMaster Xport

QubeMaster Xport was introduced to the Final Cut Pro® community at NAB this April. The new plug-in puts the well-established QubeMaster DCP mastering technology inside the Final Cut Studio® Compressor 3.5, making it easy and cost-effective for filmmakers, pre-show content creators and post facilities to package and distribute DCI-compliant material. Any format supported by Final Cut Studio, including ProRes, RED, XDCAM, DPX, TIFF or stereoscopic 3D can be output to 2K and 4K digital cinema content with QubeMaster Xport. User-defined presets can be stored as Droplets for one-click mastering of finished material. QubeMaster Xport comes in four versions. The QubeMaster Xport 2K retails for $799. QubeMaster Xport 3D and QubeMaster Xport 4K are available for $1,798 each. Users who need both stereo 3D and 4K mastering can opt for QubeMaster Xport 4K and 3D at $2,797. Individual modules can be added after the initial purchase for $999 per module. QubeMaster Xport is available for download at


. "Digital cinema is becoming the preferred format for growing numbers of film festivals and repertory theaters," said Dennis. "With QubeMaster Xport, any Final Cut user can now create exhibition-ready content."

Qube KeySmith

Qube KeySmith allows filmmakers and distributors to create and manage encrypted digital cinema content through industry-standard Key Delivery Messages, (KDMs). With KeySmith, users can create their own databases of exhibitors' equipment, generate keys, distribute the keys via email or ftp, and maintain a complete record of activities. To ensure security at the point of distribution, Qube KeySmith provides separate access levels for different users. "Companies that digitally produce or package movies can now create the security keys in house, without the expense and logistics of relying on a third party," explained Dennis. "This opens the door to a new business model and new sources of revenue for production and postproduction facilities."

Qube Cinema at CineEurope

Along with the technologies described above, Qube Cinema will also present its line of digital cinema servers, including the Qube XP-D. "Where technology used to limit the tools available to independent filmmakers and companies, Qube is opening digital cinema up for a whole new class of players," said Kumar. "The game is changing and more and more people see Qube Cinema, with our outstanding price performance offerings and solid track record, as the smart alternative." Qube Cinema will exhibit at CineEurope, June 27-30 at the RAI convention center in Amsterdam, in booth #400.

About Qube Cinema, Inc.

Qube Cinema, based in North Hollywood, CA, is an international manufacturer of digital cinema technology and mastering solutions. A subsidiary of Real Image Media Technologies, Qube Cinema draws on decades of experience in cinema and a leadership position in the transition from analog to digital technology. The company is committed to creating a seamless digital cinema environment for exhibitors, filmmakers and postproduction companies with DCI-compliant products that are flexible, reliable and highly cost-effective. Qube Cinema’s product lines include the Qube XP-D and Qube XP-E servers, QubeMaster software solutions, Qube Keysmith KDM generation, the Qube Xi Integrated Media Block, and the new QubeShare centralized cinema storage. For more information, visit Qube Cinema at




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