Promax/BDA Conference Adds Design Guru Bruce Mau and Coca-Cola's Marc Mathieu to Lineup

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Los Angeles, CA – June 4, 2008 – Continuing to build on a 2008 conference lineup filled with provocative, relevant content, Promax/BDA has secured two of the world’s most powerful influencers to discuss where design intersects corporate and environmental responsibility. Legendary design guru and Massive Change creator Bruce Mau will join Coca-Cola’s revolutionary SVP of Global Brand Marketing, Marc Mathieu, in a thought-provoking session called Economy and Ecology: Massive Change in Corporate Branding. The session—hosted by The Ebeling Group’s Mick Ebeling—will address the evolving interconnectivity between corporate and environmental responsibility, the economic realities of that responsibility, and the impact it has on the global brands they serve. This is the premiere of a global touring series of conversations and interviews with cultural and corporate leaders on the practicality and reality of environmental responsibility within their Fortune 500 companies. “Who better to address the marketing implications of such an important subject than two huge branding innovators who have both achieved incredible success in affecting change among the masses through their messages,� said Promax/BDA President Jonathan Block-Verk. “As an association, we are excited but, personally, I am thrilled to welcome Bruce Mau and Marc Mathieu to our annual conference to share their insights and perspective with our membership.� Since founding Bruce Mau Design in 1985, Mau has achieved international recognition for his studio’s expertise and innovation on projects involving some of the world’s leading architects and institutions, artists and entrepreneurs, writers, curators, academics and businesses. His Massive Change—an ambitious, multi-venue exhibition on the possibilities of design culture—has garnered critical acclaim for exploring the capacities and ethical dilemmas of design in manufacturing, transportation, urbanism, warfare, health, living, energy, markets, materials, the image and information. One of today’s most innovative and revolutionary branding leaders, Marc Mathieu joined Coca-Cola nearly 12 years ago and took over the global brand’s marketing reigns in 2003. Since then, his pioneering efforts have been instrumental in keeping Coca-Cola true to its DNA, while breaking new ground with product innovations such as Coca-Cola Zero (Coke with zero calories) and Coca-Cola Blak (a fusion of Coke with coffee). Under his leadership, Coca-Cola also launched one of its most popular and successful marketing campaigns, “The Coke Side of Life.� Bruce Mau and Marc Mathieu join an intense three-day Promax/BDA Conference schedule that kicks off June 17 at Manhattan’s Hilton New York Hotel. About Promax/BDA Promax/BDA is a global, non-profit association dedicated to advancing the role and effectiveness of entertainment and information content marketing, promotion and design professionals. For further information, please visit

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