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"Progress is Beautiful" for Elias Arts, with Original Music for New Audi Spots

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Santa Monica, CA, Sept. 30, 2008 – A world renowned creative collective for over 28 years, Elias Arts, a company devoted to music composition, strategy and production, has just delivered original music for two new, high profile Audi TV spots. The announcement was made today by Ann Haugen, Executive Producer/GM, Elias Arts. The two new Audi spots are “Living Room� (60-sec and 30-sec) written by Nate Morgan and “Separation� (30-sec) written by Jonathan Elias and Kenny Segal. The spots can all be seen at:


Elias Arts’ client for the Audi spots was Venables Bell & Partners in San Francisco. Craig Allen, Executive Producer of the spots for Venables Bell, said “Since there was no voice-over in these spots, we saw this as an opportunity to make the music as much of a star as the visuals. We wanted tracks that played against type and would captivate the viewer with a unique sound. I’ve worked with Jonathan Elias for years, and knew he and his team would come up with tracks that would be surprising, enchanting and memorable. They did not disappoint. As a testament to the power of this music, we have even had several consumer request for these tracks, and the name of the artists responsible for them!� In “Living Room,� we watch through time lapse photography as a beautiful home’s living room becomes more modernized with new furniture, accessories, and a new Audi in the driveway. The spot’s slogan says, “The entirely new Audi A4. Progress is Beautiful.� In “Separation, “ an Audi A4 drives in slow motion on a race track, leading a pack of other luxury cars behind it, including a Mercedes Benz, a BMW and Lexus. The Audi crosses the finish line first. Dave Gold, Elias Arts’ Creative Director for the Audi spots, said, “For ‘Living Room,’ our goal was to combine orchestral instrumentation along with contemporary rhythms and voices, to create an organic/classical musical feel. We wanted to mirror, through music, the visuals, which were a depiction of standard luxury, which slowly evolves into a more contemporary, modern luxury. Starting with just piano and strings, portraying an older luxury feel, we expanded the music with more traditional elements, mixing, recording and filtering them, to ultimately deliver a more than traditional, yet still contemporary/modern feel—a musical evolution of luxury.� Gold adds, �With the ‘Separation’ spot, the viewer sees a ‘captured moment’—a slow motion millisecond—during an acceleration performance of an Audi car. While the viewer sees this fraction of a second, the music we created matches the visual, suspending the viewer for a brief moment in time, with a ‘release’ at the end. Our focus with this musical accompaniment was to tie into this extremely short moment, suspended in time.� ABOUT ELIAS ARTS: The pre-eminent creative collective for 28 years, Elias Arts is devoted to music composition, strategy and production. The company has employed the emotional strength of music and sound to launch, grow and reposition the most recognized brands and companies worldwide. Elias Arts has worked with well over half of the Fortune 1000 companies, and has also helped turn numerous startups into everyday brand names. Among the clients Elias Arts has worked with are AOL, Mastercard, Sony, Columbia Pictures, Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Ebay, Honda, Intel, Visa, Yahoo, Universal Studios, Microsoft, McDonalds, ESPN and General Motors, to name just a few With offices in Santa Monica and New York City, global resources and a renowned roster of gifted composers, producers, and marketers, the mission of Elias Arts is to constantly strive for creative excellence and distinction through the art of music and sound design. The company is the recipient of over 700 major industry awards from around the world. For more information, please visit





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