Post Logic Congratulates Sundance Contenders

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Films in dramatic and documentary competition finished at Post Logic facilities in Hollywood and New York

Post Logic Studios, a division of Prime Focus Group, completed film post production services for three contenders in the 2008 Sundance lineup, including "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh," "Phoebe in Wonderland" and documentary project "American Teen." The 2008 Sundance Film Festival runs January 17-27, 2008, in Park City, Utah. "American Teen," directed and written by Nanette Burstein, intimately captures the lives of four teenagers in one small town in central Indiana through their senior year of high school, presenting a candid portrait of teen life. The production team worked out of Post Logic New York, using Post Logic's Avid and Unity systems for the offline edit of the film, which involved editing footage from multiple HD and SD formats. Color correction and final conform were handled at Post Logic Hollywood, where colorist Kris Santa Cruz worked closely with the film's director and producers to select an appropriate look to optimize the various film acquisition formats. "Post Logic Studios has been incredibly competent and generous, and we couldn't have made this film without them," commented Nanette Burstein, writer and director of "American Teen." "The offline edit took over a year to complete, during which Post Logic New York became our second home. We were able to plug into Post Logic's technology infrastructure very easily-the facility has great technical services and support--and it was extremely practical to bring the film assets to Post Logic Hollywood to complete post production." Post Logic Hollywood performed a complete 2K DI for "Phoebe in Wonderland," director and screenwriter Daniel Barnz's story about a little girl (Elle Fanning) confounded by her clashes with a seemingly rule-obsessed world who takes her already dysfunctional family (Felicity Huffman and Bill Pullman) down the rabbit hole when she seeks enlightenment from her unconventional drama teacher (Patricia Clarkson). Shot on 35mm 3-perf film, Post Logic performed a 2K scan, color correction, final conform and film out for the feature, with colorist Doug Delaney working closely with Barnz to create the separate looks called for in the script. "Although the story takes place in the fall, it was shot in spring and summer, so we had to create a color palette with an autumnal feel that signified the cooling weather. In contrast, Phoebe's inner 'wonderland' is very warm and hyper-real, with super saturated vivid colors. It was a challenge to create two very separate looks that still complemented each other," said Post Logic colorist Doug Delaney. "The DP and director both let me know early on what their intention for the film was, and what they were looking for. It was great to be able to have that level of communication before we even entered the color suite." Additionally, Post Logic Studios provided end-to-end creative post production services ranging from on-set effects supervision through to final delivery for "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh." The film, based on the best-selling novel by Michael Chabon, chronicles the last true summer of Art Bechstein's (played by Jon Foster) youth. Also starring Mena Suvari and Peter Sarsgaard, "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" is the first full-length feature for which Post Logic provided on-set effects supervision in addition to visual effects and DI. Post Logic's visual effects team also provided sky replacements for weather continuity, compositing, green screen, clean up, 3D camera tracking, rig removal, CG element creation, digital matte painting and other stylistic effects as called for in the script. Post Logic Studios offers filmmakers a full 2K and 4K digital intermediate (DI) and color timing workflow, as well as top quality visual effects ranging from on-set supervision through to compositing. The company's proprietary color management system ensures that color fidelity remains consistent and accurate from scan to film out, and expert color grading capabilities guarantee unmatched creative flexibility for any given production. As part of the Prime Focus Group, Post Logic Studios provides a depth and range of services unmatched by other post production facilities.

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