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Industry veteran Simon Mowbray has joined international visual effects company


as a Creative Director developing and executing concepts for commercial projects. Based out of Los Angeles, one of Pixomondo’s 11 studios around the world, Mowbray brings a wealth of experience as both a creative visionary and production visual effects artist.

Mowbray comes to Pixomondo from Ntropic where he served as Creative Director and VFX Supervisor since 2009. Prior to joining Ntropic, Mowbray spent 13 years as the Vice President and Creative Director of Radium, a boutique design and visual effects company he co-founded with current Pixomondo Executive Creative Director Jonathan Keeton.

At Ntropic, Mowbray worked on projects for clients including Haagen Dazs, Lowes, and Lincoln, as well as on a number of music videos for top artists such as Rihanna. At Radium, he and partner Keeton grew the company from a 10-person San Francisco-based shop to over 80 employees in both LA and SF, eventually selling the company to Reel FX in 2007. Radium worked on hundreds of film and television commercial projects over the years including multiple MTV Award-nominated music videos and high-profile campaigns for Target, Honda, and Lexus, among others.

“Until now, most of the companies I have worked with have been boutiques, and what’s most exciting about joining Pixomondo is linking in to a network of over 650 artists around the world, and an opportunity to tackle much bigger projects,” said Mowbray. “The caliber of talent and projects at Pixomondo was a huge draw. They have an amazing body of work, both in commercials and features. It’s exciting to be involved with a company on the rise, especially one with so many resources at their disposal.”

“Not only is Simon quite possibly one of the best Flame/Inferno artists living and highly skilled with Nuke and Maya, he is also very gifted at conceptualizing original concepts and executing them flawlessly,” said Jonathan Keeton, Pixomondo Executive Creative Director. “He is fantastic with clients, from the beginning stages of a project throughout production, and we are thrilled to have him on board at Pixomondo.”

Before forming Radium, Mowbray worked for several years at the San Francisco-based digital production and design studio Western Images. With a strong background in computer graphics and design, Mowbray moved to Montreal in 1991 from Sydney, Australia where honed his skills in digital visual effects at VFX software companies Softimage and Discreet.


Pixomondo is an international visual effects company boasting 24-hour production capabilities, sharing projects across a global network of 11 facilities in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Beijing, London, Munich, Burbank, Toronto and Hamburg. Founded by CEO Thilo Kuther in 2001, Pixomondo has created visual effects for more than 30 feature films including Super 8, Fast Five, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, 2012, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Ninja Assassin, Zookeeper and Sucker Punch. The company is currently in production on upcoming features including Hugo, Red Tails, Snow White and the Huntsman, and TV series including Terra Nova. In addition to visual effects, Pixomondo delivers the full range of creative, production and post services required to produce design-driven storytelling for commercials. More information on Pixomondo can be found here: