Oasis Imagery Demonstrates New “Live 3D� System

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New system, with technology developed by Instant Effects, allows for the production of live, multi-layered 3D streams.


Oasis Imagery

recently hosted the first public demonstration of a revolutionary new system for the production of live, broadcast-quality stereoscopic 3D. Held in conjunction with the First Annual 3D Film Festival, the demonstration involved placing Oasis Imagery Chief Visionary Officer Scot Barbour (who was standing on a green-screen stage) inside a variety of 3D environments along with 3D logos and other effects. People attending the event were able to view the composited 3D stream, and hear Barbour addressing them, live in Oasis’ 3D screening theatre. This new “live 3D� production system, which combines 3D technology developed by

Instant Effects

and workflow designed by Oasis Imagery, has significant implications for the production of 3D films and for broadcast 3DTV. In feature film production, the system could be used as a low-cost way to pre-visualize 3D scenes either in pre-production or on the set. As a 3DTV application, it could be used to produce live 3D broadcast segments for news shows, sports shows and other programming.

“As a pre-visualization tool, the benefits are enormous,� said Barbour. “Instead of working with models on a desktop, you can try out 3D effects on a stage. We can key in a background, place live talent or wireframe characters into that environment, and then manipulate it to see how well it works. It allows you to view effects using the right focal length, the right inter-axial and the right convergence—and, as a result, you can make the right decisions.� Barbour also foresees applications for the system in game production. “It is an excellent solution for motion capture material,� he said. “It allows you to see actors moving through a 3D environment and interacting with sets and objects in real-time.� Perhaps most significantly, the “live 3D� system can take some of the guesswork out of 3D production and therefore make it more affordable and predictable. “Most producers and directors are still learning what 3D can do,� observed Instant Effects CEO Don Brittain. “So, the ability to get instant feedback is critical. That can result in considerable savings for productions by avoiding costly reshoots and post production fixes.� Brittain noted that, while the system will not be ready for production use for a few more months, those who saw it in action at the 3D Film Festival were very impressed by the possibilities. “From a production standpoint, it was beautiful,� he said. “To witness live 3D in a fully decked out 3D theater—you couldn’t ask for anything better.� About Oasis Imagery Located in the heart of Hollywood, Oasis Imagery’s production retreat specializes in technologically-advanced and cost-effective 3D and 2D file-based workflows. With front-to-back expertise (from on-set services to distribution), Oasis is a one-stop new media studio with the capacity to accommodate all independent and studio needs. Services include 3D production and consultation. Post services include onset 3D/2D dailies, D.I.T./Look management, preview screenings, 4K/2K/HD digital intermediate, digital cinema packaging, THX certified 3D/2D screening theater, insert stage, Final Cut Pro/Avid editorial, Pro Tools|HD sound editorial and mixing, and visual effects. Oasis Imagery is located at 6500 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028. For more information, visit


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