New York’s THWAK! Makes Beautiful Music with Simian

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Prolific music company uses media management platform to produce and deliver audio and video assets and run its website.

Laguna Niguel, CA — New York-based music house,


, whose services include original music production, sound design, music publishing, music licensing and music supervision, creates songs and melodies that can be heard everywhere — feature films, television, commercials and branded content. All of their assets, however, are in one place:


. The integrated media management platform is at the hub of virtually everything THWAK! does. Owned by composer and creative director Tony Verderosa, THWAK! is an insanely passionate team of music supervisors who love what they do, and do what they love.

They cover music from all angles and all levels including music direction and live performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Scanning their list of recent projects finds a Super Bowl spot for Sony Ericsson, the indie films Beware the Gonzo with Amy Sedaris and Recalled with Aidan Quinn, ad campaigns for Microsoft Bing, Smirnoff Vodka and HBO GO, the latter of which, directed by Tom Kuntz, took a Silver Lion at Cannes. The process of making great music requires THWAK! to coordinate and organize hundreds of digital media files. Storing, distributing and controlling access to those files is all managed through Simian. “We share and pitch ideas on a daily basis with directors, agency creative directors and network executives. Often, it involves multiple parties and several layers of approvals, and it all happens at lightning speed,” explains Verderosa. “Simian makes it easy for us to manage our business. It houses all our assets in one place, and it streamlines the way we share our work with team members and clients.” THWAK! is also maximizing the microsite creator in Simian Projects to quickly build branded websites to unveil new projects, encourage collaboration on existing projects, or simply share media files, production notes, storyboards and other assets. “We really like the microsite feature. It has upgraded the look and feel of how we present our work to our clients,” Verderosa notes. “And it’s optimized to work on iPhone and iPad, which more and more of our clients are using. To be able to allow our clients to put on a pair of earbuds and check out revisions for a film or television project is a big advantage.”

The recently launched website for THWAK! is also designed and powered by Simian. The dynamic content management system lets THWAK! quickly post video of newly-completed projects or newly-signed talent. “To be able to showcase work we’ve just finished on our website is exciting,” Verderosa says. “And, it’s a great way to introduce artists. We’re also stoked about Simian’s blog features. It’s very easy for us to post news on the company on a weekly or even a daily basis.” Verderosa notes that Simian has become integral to his company’s business. “It’s helped us improve what we do on every level,” he states, “and we’re taking advantage of new features every day.” About Simian: Simian™ is a web-based multimedia project management platform for creative companies in the advertising, film, television, music and interactive media industries. They are pioneering the way these companies manage their reels, projects and workflow. For more information:



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