The Mill Leads the Way with SPHERONVR Camera Technology

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SPHERON-VR AG has attracted one of the UK's VFX industry leaders,

The Mill

London, an Oscar and multi-award winning company with offices in L.A and New York. The Mill selected the innovative SpheroCam HDR. Jordi Bares, Joint Head of 3D at The Mill, said "The Mill has invested in the SpheroCam HDR to further improve the output of our work by bringing the latest photographic technology to our projects, which will benefit on all aspects of lighting."

Peter Taylor, Business Manager INTRUVISION, the new launched CGI divisions of SPHERON-VR AG, is delighted by the decision of this major player within the film & effects industry: "We are very pleased that The Mill CG team will be using INTRUVISION Technologies from SPHERON-VR AG. High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery is now such a key part to many VFX productions and it's great to see our technology assisting in this process. "Beyond this industry, INTRUVISION Solutions are also being adopted within the markets of Games & Entertainment, Architecture and Automotive – to let the boundaries between the real world and the digital world of images disappear." Peter Taylor adds: "We are looking with enthusiasm to the future of Computer Graphics. And we trust our INTRUVISION Technologies contribute to shape it."

See the latest SPHERON-VR HDR Camera Technology at Siggraph 2008, stand 1025 and learn more about INTRUVISION. About SPHERONVR AG SPHERON-VR AG is one of the most innovative companies in the area of visual technologies. Core products of the German headquartered hard- and software company are digital HDR camera systems for full spherical imaging and a well-engineered database application that comes with an intuitive, visual user interface (visual asset management). Designed to fit the needs and requirements of many industry sectors, SPHERON-VR offers integrated workflow solutions for Photorealistic Visualization and Computer Graphics (CGI) as well as for Visual based Scene Documentation in the areas of crime scene investigation, security, fire and tactical training. Comprehensive service offerings complete the professional portfolio. SPHERON-VR AG is based in Germany, where it develops, manufactures and delivers its technologies and solutions. Strategic partnerships and sales channels allow SPHERON-VR AG to offer their unique portfolio to a worldwide market. Additional information is available on the company's website: