Media City Sound Mixes Audio for ABC's TV's All-Time Funniest

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Studio City, CA (May 8, 2008) - Viewers will answer the question, Who is TV's All-Time Funniest? this Friday during a two-hour special. If television aficionados were to assemble a list of TV's favorite comedy characters from the greatest sitcoms in history, who would be the favorites? TV fans across the country were asked to choose their funniest characters in the following eight categories: Funniest Comedy Fathers, Funniest Mothers, Funniest Kids, Funniest Relatives, Funniest Neighbors, Funniest Friends, Funniest Boss and Funniest Co-Workers. Collected by Nielsen Media Research, the results will be revealed in the two-hour TV's All-Time Funniest, A Paley Center for Media Special, airing FRIDAY, MAY 9 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Brad Lachman Productions gave Studio City, California based Media City Sound the task of creating the audio for the two-hour special. Media City's sound mixer Mark Jensen was in charge of the audio for the project. Mark tackled some interesting challenges during the course of his work. He notes, "In the last act of the show, producer Gary Bormet had cut together a sort of "dream team" sitcom cast together, Bill Cosby side by side with Lucille Ball for example. This of course was done by intercutting footage of each show... and sound designer John Bickelhaupt and I had to smooth the edits and transitions by adding audience response... but it had to match the sound of the original show." Jensen continues, "For a show like 'I Love Lucy' or 'Happy Days', it's mono and dark and muddy, and with a hint of tape distortion, and for a show like 'Friends' it's full stereo and bright and clean... and it was fun to hear how in each decade the audience grew both in fidelity and 'stereo-ness' For example, 'Taxi' is still pretty mono, but with 'Cheers' and 'Family Ties' now we're getting a little wider and brighter. The funny thing that never changes, whether it be "The Honeymooners" or "Will & Grace" is how loud the audience is... and in all cases it's LOUD!" Who is America's funniest father? Is it Cliff Huxtable or Homer Simpson? Is the funniest mother Lucy Ricardo or Marion Cunningham? Watch to see if your funniest character is also America's funniest. Interviews with TV icons such as Rainn Wilson (The Office), Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond), David Hyde Pierce (Frasier), Marion Ross (Happy Days), Mary Tyler Moore (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show), Valerie Harper (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) and Rue McClanhan (The Golden Girls) will be highlighted. These comedic stars will offer revealing insight into their funniest sitcom moments, accompanied by hilarious clips. TV's All-Time Funniest airs this Friday May 9th 8/7c. # # # # Contact: 310-341-3201 or