McDonalds "Lovin It" with Archion Storage

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Burbank, CA, December 8. 2006 -- Archion, the entertainment industry‘s largest storage solution to Avid storage systems, has sold 8 terabytes of digital media storage to McDonald‘s. The announcement was made by Reuben Lima, COO, Archion.

Mr. Lima said, “Our sale to McDonald‘s exemplifies the widespread acceptance of our systems. Our technology is steadily being embraced by major corporations throughout North America. Our clients appreciate the versatility of our systems and the financial freedom of utilizing their existing Unity technology. We are honored to be working with McDonald‘s Corporation, and to be experiencing the unprecedented growth of our company nationwide.”

Archion has sold 8 terabytes of storage to McDonald‘s for digital storage of audio and video assets used in the production of their corporate communications. Based in Elk Grove, IL, Archion‘s client is Ben Campbell, Video Technology Supervisor for McDonald‘s Corporate Communications‘ Creative Services department.

Mr. Campbell said, "The Archion Synergy Plus allowed us to retire aging Avid Unity storage, while still doubling our capacity and retaining future upgrade compatibility. The integration was seamless and we are now afforded Raid-5 media protection."


For over 25 years, McDonald‘s Creative Services has been a trusted name throughout McDonald's Corporation. The unit helps internal McDonald‘s clients communicate by producing media materials and business meetings for internal and external audiences.

Creative Services offers a full range of media production including audio and video production and editing, print and digital graphics design and layout, animation and multi-media services, on-location and studio photography, and staging design and execution for productions of any scale. These services are complemented by producer and project management services. The goal of Creative Services is to provide quality, value-added communications services that help inform audiences in an engaging manner.


According to James Tucci, Archion‘s CTO, Synergy Plus, the only hardware RAID product compatible with Avid‘s Unity system, including the latest version Medianetwork 4.1, is a full featured SATA II to FC Raid storage unit designed for networking digital video systems. The product comes in units from 4 TB and up, with 2 ports of 2GB FC, and operates transparently with the Unity hardware and software.

Archion‘s Synergy Plus removes the risk for media loss in the event of a drive failure without mirroring. The Synergy Plus product offers Unity users hardware RAID protection within a Unity environment, adding significant data storage expansion, without doubling the storage requirements and without incurring any additional software expenses.


Archion Technologies, headquartered in Burbank, California, was founded in 1999 by a group of technology entrepreneurs with a vision for designing networked storage systems for the professional video market. Archion's founders were the first to successfully network eight Avids and one terabyte of Networked RAID storage on a feature film. As the leading manufacturer of storage solutions for Avid users, Archion storage has been utilized by hundreds of feature films and by dozens of television projects.

Archion manufactures high performance, high availability, fault tolerant networked storage for multiple platforms and heterogeneous environments. These powerful and turnkey systems provide the ultimate in capability, scalability, flexibility, data rate performance, and the data protection demanded by editing professionals.

In addition, Archion offers a flagship Service Contract unparalleled in the industry. Archion's Tech Refresh program provides clients the opportunity to refresh their technology 24 months from the date of purchase. This offers clients the option to extend their storage capacity. Many of their clients have referred to Archion's Tech Refresh as the end of Storage Obsolescence.