Maximum Throughput To Launch Cost-Effective MAXedit Server-Based Workgroup Editing Software At NAB 08

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MAXedit Server Edition Reduces the Capital Costs of Setting Up HD/SD Editing Workgroups in Broadcast Newsrooms MONTREAL, Canada, March 10, 2008 – Maximum Throughput Inc. (

), developers of ultra high-performance, software-based solutions for networked storage infrastructure and media management, will unveil the new MAXedit Server Edition, a cost-effective, server-based workgroup editing solution at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2008 convention being held from April 14-17 in Las Vegas. While Maximum Throughput is best known for Sledgehammer, its powerful flagship storage system currently in use by such high-profile customers as CBS, FOX News, NBC, ABC, HSN, RTE, and the BBC, NAB 2008 marks the first time the company is offering editing solutions. Maximum Throughput will conduct demonstrations of its groundbreaking, multi-resolution, server-based editing technology at NAB Booth #SL11711. The MAXedit Server Edition allows broadcasters to set-up multi-seat HD/SD editing workgroups very simply and cost-effectively. Rather than incurring the prohibitive costs of buying and networking expensive, dedicated HD/SD workstations, MAXedit Server Edition provides the same functionality at an affordable price point. Multiple users can access and edit HD and SD video content using a rich editing toolset and fluid user interface from the convenience of their Web browser. Multiple compressed and uncompressed SD/HD formats are supported, including HDV, DVCPRO and MPEG-2 formats widely used in today’s newsrooms. By virtue of its innovative server-based design, MAXedit substantially reduces congestion on Local Area Networks (LANs), while still enabling realtime editing of HD/SD material. “For many broadcasters, the prospect of investing in multiple HD/SD NLE workstations is daunting,� said Giovanni Tagliamonti, chief executive officer of Maximum Throughput Inc. “A typical high-end NLE workstation can run tens of thousands of dollars, not including maintenance or potential LAN upgrade costs. Our software cuts this cost and complexity by allowing standard laptops and desktop PCs to handle frame-accurate editing of compressed or uncompressed multi-resolution content simply and cost effectively.� With MAXedit Server Edition, several editors can work simultaneously from a single server, but they never move large video files to and from workstations over a LAN. The only data that moves between the clients and the server is low bitrate editing commands. Editors edit “live proxies� of streaming media which ensures frame-accurate, fluid editing and complete creative control over the content. Because the editing is executed solely on the server and not the local workstation, editors are free to use inexpensive, standard equipped PCs or laptops rather than expensive NLE workstations. And there is no need to install or maintain a high-performance network because large files are only accessed by editors remotely via their Web browsers. “MAXedit Server Edition enables broadcasters to set-up newsroom workgroups to collaborate on news stories,� continued Tagliamonti. “It also enables them to make the leap from SD to HD editing in a very streamlined, affordable way so they can deliver a more competitive and timely HDTV news product to their viewers,� said Tagliamonti. At NAB, Maximum Throughput will also introduce MAXedit Web Edition, a hosted, subscription-based online editing service that video professionals can access on demand from any location via the Web, making it ideal for TV news crews on the go. About Maximum Throughput Maximum Throughput Inc. (

) is a media management tool developer and networked storage provider. Max-T's media aware storage solutions deliver extremely high performance over commodity networks, using smart software that runs on industry standard hardware. Software-based, media management tools are tightly integrated within the product line, delivering enriched functionality in a single, versatile solution. Having pioneered the development of shared storage solutions that can be simultaneously accessed over both data and video networks, Max-T offers products with unparalleled performance, capacity management, and capacity availability, as well as having the lowest total cost-of-ownership in their class.



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