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Mammoth HD - Presents the 2008 HD Show/DemoReel

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Mammoth HD Footage Library

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2008 HD Show/Demo Reel

Featuring new additions to the MHD Royalty-Free Collections/Single Clips and Rights-Managed Footage Libraries. New material featured - lifestyle, sports, world locations, scenics, wildlife, time-lapse and Underwater/Ocean Life.

2 sizes are online and the download version for your iPhone... a 720p version is also available upon request.

The Mammoth HD Library now feature over 630 Collections and over 350 hours of SingleClip Material - including RED 4K/3K/2K and Vertical HD for Digital Signage and Display.

For more information on the collections and the Mammoth HD Hi Definition Footage Library, and to see the previews of all the Mammoth HD collections and clips, please visit the Mammoth HD website at


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