Kipany Pictures & Director Ruben Latre Traverse Iceland To "Pioneer" Majestic Branding Campaign for TMG Health

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Kipany Pictures’ Ruben Latre, known for his strong visual sensibility & aesthetic storytelling, directed and edited the cinematic image campaign “Pioneer” for TMG Health. Shot on location on the southern coast of Iceland, the unique branding film centers on the epic, solitary journey of a traveler who traverses achingly beautiful, rugged terrain on a sometimes-challenging quest for pioneering discovery.

TMG Health selected Kipany Pictures after viewing Ruben Latre’s emotive and visually stunning work for various clients and music artists. The goal: to produce two films that would position TMG Health as a pioneer in the health care industry with a compelling, lyrical narrative. The campaign has deeply resonated with TMG Health’s employees, clients and prospects, as noted by TMG Health’s VP Product Management and Marketing Julie Space.

“It is rare to work with a team so tuned in to client expectations and able to turn a creative vision into reality,” comments Space. “The films are true masterpieces and demonstrate the highest level of branding.”

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Kipany Pictures partnered with Republik Film Productions to find pristine natural locations in Iceland that could represent a pioneering experience – severe, vivid, bold, and rewarding. Intensive preparation was needed for the shoot, which took place over nine days.

“We filmed under waterfalls, in a melting glacial ice cave, and in the ash-choked daylight from an exploding volcano. In the face of these conditions, the resourcefulness of the Republik team never wavered, which helped make the project a great success,” said Melissa Levins, EP of Kipany Pictures.

On location, Latre filmed “Pioneer” with the Canon 5D and a traveling crew of ten people. “For Kipany Pictures, Ruben Latre represents our pioneer. He pushes forward independently; impassioned to achieve greatness in each of his projects.” Levins continued. Upon returning to New York, Latre edited the films and combined the haunting score with an audio landscape by 740 Sound Design.

Latre, who was most recently featured at the DGA in Shoot’s New Director’s Showcase also holds the title of Best New Director in his native country Spain, where he is represented by Lee Films. His commercial for Iberdrola that featured the Spanish National Team aired throughout 2011 The World Cup.

Of his recent work for TMG, Latre says, “It has been an honor to work for a client willing to let image speak their message. I was very humbled to be entrusted with their brand and I enjoyed very much the journey to its end result.”

Kipany Pictures combines artistic vision with a focus on delivering high-end, cross platform content, a two-fold force within the global media landscape. Kipany Pictures' trifecta of talent includes Ruben Latre, as well as Commercial Directors, Jasmin Kuhn and Eric Heimbold.

Project Credits:

Client: TMG Health

Production Company: Kipany Pictures EP: Melissa Levins Director/DP/Editor: Ruben Latre Service Company: Republik Cast: Petur Markan Sound: 740 Sound Design

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. Kipany Pictures is represented by Laura Zinn of Zinndependent at




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