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The Brief:

Laurent Chanez of Identity directs this inspirational Nike project for TV and web out of Wieden + Kennedy, Tokyo. Shot in three countries, the premise is simple... everyone is on equal ground no matter the level of expertise. The days of running in solitude are obsolete with the newest product to hit the market Nike+ ( A device that tracks your runs through distance, time and calories burned, Nike+ is made to fit into the sole of Nike shoes and transmit information to an iPod Nano, the runners of the world can unite. Owner/EP Joe Masi comments on the production, "This was an extremely challenging project in that we had very little time to shoot all the celebrity athletes. We took a very guerilla approach, opting to use cars and vans to shuttle the talent to various locations quickly instead of setting up a huge production hub and locking off shots. It took an adept, spontaneous visual stylist with a keen eye for moments such as Laurent to pull this thing off - and I think the results speak for themselves."

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The Spot:

A solitary figure draws a line in the sand as he steps up to the start. We begin to see more runners warming up across the globe, joining together in a world-wide running movement.

As everyone begins to prepare physically and mentally for the challenges that will be placed on their bodies, the athletes are suddenly lined up side by side by the hundreds, ready to push their minds and bodies to the brink. Nike is there to track, record and motivate the world in its crusade that pits runner against runner and country against country in a race for global health and wellness.

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From Identity Director Laurent Chanez:

This project was interesting in that there were a lot of different things to shoot around the world that would let the viewer know time and place without being too obvious about location. I didn't want to show where we were by using a monument, or other obvious choice. The viewer knows the athletes are in different places based on the film color and look of each distinct scene which adds to the richness of the spot. Each athlete had to fit within that particular moment, and everyone had to be connected to the same line, on the same level. Everything was presented thoroughly from the agency in the storyboards, but once we were at location, and being able to catch light and create various angles, we were able to add subtle, interesting moments to each scene. The Japanese creatives are very hip, and culturally knowledgeable, but are deeply mired in their own culture. There were many unique challenges, that ended up elevating the level of the project.

Featured Athletes:

Kaoru Uno (Japanese K-1 fighter), Ronaldo, Maria Sharapova, Martin Lel, Robert Cheriyot (Kenyan marathoners), Asafa Powell (world.s fastest man), Dai Tamesue (hurdler)

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The Creds:

Client: Nike/Japan
Spot Title: Revolution
Air Date: February 2008 Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Tokyo
ECD(s): Sumiko Sato, Hiroshi Yonemura
CD: Kounosuke Kamitani
Art Director: Naoki Ga Group Account Director: Ted Yukawa
Account Executive: Kohei Adachi
Agency Producer: Tieneke Pavesic Prod Company: Identity
Director: Laurent Chanez
EP: Joe Masi
Head of Production: Alana Hall
Line Producer: Skot Bradford Editorial: Spotwelders
Editor: Brad Waskewich
EP: Tommy Murov Post/Effects: The Mill
CG Artist: Dave Parker
Colorist: Damien Van Der Cruyssen
EP(s): Gabrielle Gourrier, Helen Hughes
Mixer: Jeff Payne
Shoot Location: Tokyo, Milan, New York, Los Angeles About Identity:

In a world where sameness is on the rise, Identity wins by imprinting every project with a distinct level of visual sophistication and refreshing individuality. Leveraging a highly-sought after and talented directorial roster, Owner/EP Joe Masi has made his mark on award-winning work for Nintendo, Honda, Budweiser, 7UP, Tommy Hilfiger, Infiniti, and Gucci. The firm fosters and supports an environment where creativity can flourish. Headlining the visual-style genre, Identity's directors cover the complete range of storytelling and effects. Identity's directorial roster includes: Anthony Atanasio, Laurent Chanez, Pierluca de Carlo, Leo Kocking, Robert Leacock, and Jacques Steyn.

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