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Hitachi Kokusai Electric America

, Ltd., a leading manufacturer, of high performance digital cameras, will introduce four new HD cameras at the 2011 NAB Show in Las Vegas (Central Hall, Booth C4309). Three of its new cameras – the SK-HD2200 studio-body camera, SK-HD1200 handheld companion, and DK-HD200 P.O.V. box-camera – are all based on 3 Gbps technology. The fourth new camera, model SK-HD2000, is a studio-body camera companion to the popular SK-HD1000.

Hitachi cameras continue to offer maximum R.O.I. and capital investment protection. These qualities are achieved once again with the company’s new series of 3Gbps technology cameras. The primary design concept is full compliance with the SMPTE424M standard. Hitachi cameras employ a new 1080/60p native-scan Ultra-Advanced 2/3-inch, Interline CCDs (UAIT) that ensures the most accurate color reproduction and highest picture detail. Our 30-bit 175MHz RGB processing, bi-directional fully progressive transmission and HD-SDI multi-format camera outputs are features that make Hitachi HDTV production cameras the most flexible, with superior video quality at competitive prices.

The new UAIT CCDs deliver the highest exposure latitude and most accurate depth-of-modulation curves that have ever been achieved with a television camera. Users can select how to employ the advanced processing by selecting 1080/60p or 1080/60i operation. The digital fiber transmission system can be used with a single 3Gbps camera or with two 1080i cameras. This reduces the required fiber cable and ensures full compatibility with 3D Vision systems that currently use L/R Hitachi 1080i P.O.V. box cameras. Several aux and prompter channels can be sent to the camera head and provide trunk data in any format to and from the CCU.

The new Hitachi CCUs were designed specifically for the new 3Gbps series cameras. The CCUs provide multi-format outputs to satisfy any worldwide HDTV standard. New and re-designed control panels are also available and can be used with any combination of Studio-body, portable, or P.O.V. box camera. Hitachi’s camera control system is fully TCP/IP compliant. Off-the-shelf data networking components and inexpensive cabling may be used to set up a sophisticated camera control network across a LAN, MAN, WAN or internet.

Hitachi’s new series of 3Gbps HDTV cameras, as well as existing 1080i models, can be used with the recently announced

Multidyne EOS-4000 series optical routing system. With the Multidyne routers and a standard PC, a large number of cameras can be connected to CCUs in multiple studios or production facilities, providing optimum workflow flexibility.

Hitachi cameras are able to operate on single-mode fiber and are easily adaptable to fully-digital optical, computerized routing and switching systems.

Hitachi retains its leadership in technically advanced P.O.V. cameras with the introduction of the new DK-HD200 P.O.V. camera. The DK-HD200 features the same 2/3-inch UAIT sensors, processing, and control panel as its larger siblings and, is fully compatible with the SK-HD2200 and SK-HD1200. Two SM fiber interfaces that can transport 3Gbps HD-SDI SMPTE-424M video distances in excess of 3Km are available as options on this camera. The DK-HD200 is designed for use in robotic, observation, studio or field and unmanned production applications.

The new studio-body SK-HD2000 is also being introduced. This new camera was developed in response to Hitachi customers’ requests for a hard camera that could avoid the storage and logistic complications of a sled-configured camera system. The SK-HD2000 shares video quality, specifications, accessories and functionality of the existing SK-HD1000 camera system, with a build-up adapter, the SA-1000.

A digital wireless transmission system, compatible with the new camera line, will be demonstrated within Hitachi’s NAB booth, along with a new series of economically priced, bi-directional digital microwave links slated for the Americas market. A P2-compatible recording and workflow solution, creating a fully integrated HD P2-based recording system, will also be shown. External HD recording systems from Maxell and Cinedeck will also be exhibited.

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) will exhibit within the Hitachi Kokusai NAB booth, demonstrating the synergies between Hitachi’s top-of-the-line HD cameras, microwave transmission links and HDS’ expansive media asset management infrastructure.

About Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd.
Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd. designs, manufacturers and markets digital video cameras, transmission, processing and recording devices for the broadcast television, cable, video production, and industrial vision markets. For more information, please call (516) 921-7200 or visit Hitachi’s web site at

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