Heads Of Agreement Signed By Vizrt And Escenic - A Foundation For Handling Content On Every Platform

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Integration creates powerful graphics and video asset management solution for web content management and publishing Bergen, Norway, April 2, 2008 – Vizrt, a leading provider of real-time, integrated broadcast graphics software, announces the signature of a heads of agreement to purchase Escenic, a world leader in content management and publishing for the web. The move expands Vizrt’s robust offering of high-end graphics and media asset management solutions with Escenic’s array of products that power hundreds of media sites worldwide. The companies, both Norway-based, have already begun integrating their respective tools and will display the results of this integration at the upcoming NAB2008 show in Las Vegas, NV (Booth #SL4805). This integration allows journalists and editors to search and add video content to online articles, directly from Escenic’s content management system interface. The integration offers online publishers the tools to establish professional video content handling. The solution can later be expanded to IPTV, TV and multichannel production. Similarly, the Vizrt-Escenic integration proposes a viable solution for broadcasters targeting web publishing without duplicating staff. The integration offers three unique benefits: A single interface for the journalist and editor to create and publish professional media content. The ability to reuse video content for future stories, building up a functional, scalable asset management solution. New revenue model opportunities. Content can be made available, for a fee, for automatic search and download. Vizrt President and CEO, Bjarne Berg, commented: “We see great synergy from a technology and market perspective with the combined strengths of Vizrt and Escenic. The merging of Vizrt’s real-time, 24/7 graphics solutions and Escenic’s highly regarded web publishing software creates a seamless bridge between web and broadcast workflows. Vizrt’s 1,300 broadcasting customers worldwide and Escenic’s 500 media customers throughout the world provide an excellent expansion opportunity for both Vizrt and Escenic.� The integration of Escenic’s Content Studio software with the Viz Content Pilot template-based graphic solution provides users with the ability to generate thousands of high-quality, branded graphics. A journalist can simply fill-in a template and associate a branded graphic to a story directly through Escenic’s Content Studio GUI. Øyvind Ørbæk, CEO of Escenic, said his company has recognized the need for more professional video and graphic tools for online editors: “Escenic’s customers are increasingly developing their video and TV presence for online and mobile applications. Many of our newspaper customers are planning to set up TV studios to create their own TV and video content. By integrating their media asset management system, video editing, and dynamic graphics creation tool into the Escenic workflow, Escenic can continue to provide media customers with leading solutions for online editors, journalists, and television producers. They will have access to a single interface to create and publish professional media content.� From the Viz Content Pilot’s interface, Escenic users can now access a complete digital video workflow. Users can easily search, edit and store small to large amounts of video. This is achieved thanks to Vizrt’s extensive range of media asset management (MAM) tools - from the company’s Viz Video Hub media asset management system to the larger-scale Viz Ardome asset management solution. Here again, a journalist can search, edit and associate a video to an article published on the web directly through Escenic’s Content Studio. Repurposing content for the web, such as 3D graphics or video clips can be accomplished immediately. About Escenic: Escenic is strategic content management software for digital media publishing. Escenic technologies drive some of the most dynamic and exciting news media web sites in the world. Escenic has been closely tied to the media industry since 1997. With over 400 clients in the media sector, we are proud to call ourselves industry leaders. Being challenged by a professional community that finds content management and web publishing to be business critical, continues to inspire us. We have found that many of the lessons learned in professional publishing have been valuable when crossing over to compete in the mainstream CMS market. With Escenic, competitive commercial enterprises have access to the same robust technologies that professional publishers have preferred for years. For further information please visit:


About Vizrt: Vizrt offers a new vision for content creation and delivery with an end-to-end solution from ingest to visualization. Our solution combines Vizrt’s true 2D/3D graphics tools with Curious Software’s World Maps and Ardendo’s asset management. Running on non-proprietary hardware, the combination of these unique cutting-edge products ensures a seamless workflow from conception to multi-format distribution. The latest addition to the Vizrt product suite is Viz MPS for handheld devices. Vizrt’s product suite is used by the world’s leading broadcasters including: CNN, CBS, Fox, BBC, Sky, ITN, ZDF, Star TV, TV Today, CCTV and NHK. Also, many world class production houses and corporate institutions, including both the New York and London Stock Exchanges, utilize Vizrt solutions. Vizrt is a public company traded on the Frankfurt Prime Standard and on the Oslo Main List: VIZ, ISIN: IL0010838154. For further information, please refer to