Headlight Creates the Opening Titles and VFX for Snow Angels

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New York-based Headlight Design + VFX created the opening titles and provided some additional VFX work for feature film, Snow Angels (http://wip.warnerbros.com/snowangels/) with a simple, elegant, design-driven approach. From Warner Independent Pictures in association with Crossroads. Film division and True Love Productions, Snow Angels hit theatres nationwide March 21st. Written and directed by David Gordon Green from Stewart O'Nan's inaugural novel, Snow Angels stars Kate Beckinsale, Sam Rockwell, Olivia Thirlby, and Michael Angarano. Set up like a mystery, Arthur, played by Michael Angarano, is at band practice when he hears gunshots in the distance. The movie then flashes back several weeks to explain what led to those shots. In the midst of a breakup, Arthur's parents have left their son feeling stranded. But a transfer student played by Olivia Thirlby, (Ellen Page's best friend in Juno), arrives on the scene like a gift from heaven.

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For the main titles, Headlight designed a sequence that mimicked the band's movement from the opening sequence of the film utilizing Discreet Flame. The cast and crew's names move around as if in band formation under the actual band's performance of Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer. The opening titles, intercut with the real band footage, set the stage in an oddly comical way for the dramatic series of events that follow. Additionally, Headlight created snow elements since Halifax, B.C. was experiencing one of the mildest winters in recent history. The compositing work included adding snow banks onto the football fields, creating CG snowfall for the final marching band sequence as well as the bullet hole/blood spray VFX for the disturbing suicide scene of Sam Rockwell's character.

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Title: Snow Angels
Based on the Novel by: Stewart O'Nan
Produced by: Dan Lindau, R. Paul Miller,
Lisa Muskat and Cami Taylor
Written and Directed by: David Gordon Green Studio: Warner Independent Pictures
Prod Co: Crossroads Films and True Love Productions
Starring Talent: Kate Beckinsale, Sam Rockwell,
Olivia Thirlby, Michael Angarano
Score: David Wingo, Jeff Mcilwain
Editorial: William Anderson Post/Effects/Titles: Headlight, NY
VFX Artists: Steve Zourntos, Ariel Altman
Designer: Christine Lin CG Animator: Dave Barosin
Matte Painter: David Mattingly
Producer: Lana Aklilu
Exec. Producer: Sara Mills About Headlight:

New York-based Headlight Design + VFX is a creative, award-winning design, VFX, animation, and full service production company specializing in commercials, music videos, emerging media, feature and long-format clientele. Headlight.s recent projects include: creating show opens for CBS's Kid Nation, ABC's Men in Trees, 3D worlds for Ogilvy's American Express Lost campaign, and executing the VFX for Vidal Partnership's Sprint Holiday campaign.

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