Final Cut Editor Dean Gonzalez Teams with Director Mark Teitelman to Create Dramatic Promos for NFL Network’s “Thursday Night Football�

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Theatrical Promos Feature Iconic NFL Imagery by Modern Dance Company Pilobolus Los Angeles, CA (December 22, 2008) -- Final Cut Editor Dean Gonzalez recently teamed up with Director Mark Teitelman to complete two breathtaking promos for the NFL Network’s exclusive presentation of Thursday Night Football, featuring storied AFC rivalries (New England Patriots vs. New York Jets and Cleveland Browns vs. Denver Broncos). Via fantastic integration of live-action NFL footage and amazing choreography by the famed modern dance company Pilobolus, the theatrical promos render the lore and iconography that drive all the NFL’s unscripted drama. Set to rumbling tribal drums, “Patriots vs. Jets� kicks-off with a silhouetted war dance before performers disperse into the shape of a skull. Alluding to the infamous “Spy Gate� incident, an off-screen voice likens this gridiron rivalry to a script from Shakespeare’s playbook, as the implicated head coaches, whom once shared the same sideline, face-off again as foes. To dramatize this infamous back-story, silhouetted dancers artistically perform a formal handshake turned knife-duel. More drama unfolds as historic and contemporary footage of each team intermittently cuts alongside dancers forming impressive silhouettes of iconic NFL imagery such as the Jets and Patriots logos, the Vince Lombardi Trophy and more. The spot concludes with more NFL action projected on the stage curtain, as dancers converge into the shape of a football. “Browns vs. Broncos� follows a similar theme, this time, rekindling the rivalry by reminding Browns fans of the heartbreaking AFC Championship loss sparked by John Elway’s 98-yard touchdown march, famously known as “The Drive.� Dancers contort into more iconic images including a savage pack of dogs (a theatrical nod to the Browns’ household nickname “The Dog Pound�), as well as an uncanny silhouette of bucking Bronco. To view Patriots vs. Jets, please got to

To view Browns vs. Broncos, please go to:

Drawing from his experience directing Monday Night Football broadcasts, Director Mark Teitelman spearheaded the conceptual promos, inspired by the Pilobolus performance at the 79th Annual Academy Awards ®.

Editor Dean Gonzalez reflects, “the collaboration with Mark was a wonderful experience. He had a very clear vision for these promos. Drawing from his extensive NFL knowledge, he was able to create something very personal and integrated with the entire NFL culture as a whole.� Editorially speaking, the goal was to heighten promo’s suspense and seamlessly integrate the dance sequences. “The sheer artistry and athleticism of the Pilobolus dancers is incredible!� remarks Gonzalez. “Part of the fun in watching the spot is anticipating what the dancers are about to create. To enhance that sense of anticipation, we cut to close-ups of the dancers’ legs, arms, and shoulders in action.� Air Date: Browns vs. Broncos 11/6/08, Patriots vs. Jets 11/13/08 Production Company: MRB Productions Director: Mark Teitelman EP: Matthew Brady Editorial: Final Cut LA Editor: Dean Gonzalez EP: Saima Awan Producer: Viet-An Nguyen Coordinating Producer Brian Lockhart Game Producer Mark Loomis Director Mark Teitelman Producer Matthew Brady Production Manager Brenda Bank Director of Photography Dave Daniel AC Mike Hamer Key Grip Kit Venetto PILOBOLUS: Creative Director: Matt Kent Executive Director: Itamar Kubovy Director of Production: Beth Wills Props: Sarah Kirchner Technical Director: Chris Hudacs Pilobolus Dancers: Germaul Barnes Karen Fuhrman Stephanie Fungsang Christopher Grant Damon Honeycutt Ari Loeb Manelich Minniefee Edwin Olvera Lauren Yalango Roberto Olvera Josie Coyoc Mariah Kraker

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