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Faith World Selects Broadcast Pixâ„¢ Slateâ„¢ 3016HD Live Production System For Worship Services And Internet Streaming

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Billerica, Massachusetts (November 24, 2008) Broadcast Pix™, the company that redefined the production switcher as a live integrated production system, today announced Faith World in Orlando, Florida has selected its Slate 3016HD to power the video elements of the church’s concert-style weekly worship services. Faith World purchased the unit and integrated the video elements of the facility through Broadcast Pix dealer Encore Broadcast Solutions. Faith World, a non-denominational church now approaching its 16th year in business, strives to appeal to a younger crowd with a modern message and heavy music influence. Situated in the huge entertainment attraction that is Orlando, Florida, Faith World focuses on enticing its audience with high end concert-style productions. Faith World is using the Slate 3016 HD, with integrated Harris router, two clip players, three keyers, Inscriber CG and the quad video output card. According to Faith World’s media director, Ryan Russell, the organization was very close to selecting an entirely different system when Encore suggested the Slate system. Russell says the Slate 3016HD offered a significant savings, with the ability to handle Faith World’s monitor wall providing the highest cost advantage. “The idea of the Slate system intrigued me so much that I drove to Tampa to see one in use. At that point it was just a matter of getting a larger model to handle our needs. I traveled to the NRB convention, saw one in action there and made the switch. It was a choice that saved us about $40,000 dollars in the long run.� In addition to the congregation of 6,000 who gather at the church; Faith World can claim about 5,000 internet viewers who log online to see worship services four times a week. Faith World opens its streaming connection about 15 minutes before every service, and a live host addresses the audience, handling prayers and other requests. Faith World initiated these services after acquiring the Broadcast Pix Slate system because it provided the ability to incorporate live titles and crawling titles for the first time. Promotional messages are built during the week - one set for the in-house congregation and one tailored to the internet audience. Both are put on a continuous loop of commercials and played out simultaneously. The Broadcast Pix Slate 3016HD allows Faith World to direct the message specifically to its target audience. “Announcements for our congregation play in the sanctuary between services from an auxiliary output while messages for our internet audience simultaneously loop from one of the clip players on program,� said Russell. “The Slate 3016HD solves that problem and lets us do two separate things to personalize the messages we send. That may in fact be its greatest advantage.� About Broadcast Pix Broadcast Pix is the leader in combining technologies from the computer and live television equipment industries to create an innovative family of live video production systems. Broadcast Pix systems are a fraction of the cost of conventional live video production solutions, yet retain their fast action control and non-stop, on-air robustness. They can be run by a single operator instead of requiring a team. Customers include over 800 leading broadcasters (including CBS, NBC and ESPN), webcasters, cable stations, stadiums, corporate, education, religious and government studios in over 50 countries. Broadcast Pix is based at 3 Federal Street, Billerica, Massachusetts, with offices throughout North America and in Europe. See




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