Enhance Launches UltraStorâ„¢ Populated Storage Solutions

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The Scalable & Expandable RAID Systems with Onsite Support Santa Fe Springs, CA – Sept 16, 2008 – Enhance Technology USA is now shipping the flagship UltraStor™ storage system, the 2U 8-disk (RS8) & 3U 16-disk (RS16) high availability rack mountable storage system, bundled with disks and onsite support. Intended to provide easy installation, simple management, and next-day service to the SMB market segment, the populated and service-packed UltraStor™ system is also widely used by workgroup of enterprises, and offers expandability that greatly reduced the overall cost of ownership. The UltraStor™ RAID system is scalable and expandable. Starting half-populated storage capacity, the UltraStor™ RS system is scalable up to 80 TB with current 1 TB hard drives. At fewer than 50 cents per gigabyte, it is priced less than competing products and at a fraction of the cost from Sun, IBM, and HP, presenting an exceptional value and best cost/capacity ratio. The primary RAID embedded RS RAID system ships with latest core Intel storage processor, and expansion is done through daisy-chaining four (4+) RS16 JS JBOD systems via built-in SAS expansion port (MiniSAS SFP8088), providing dynamic data expansion path. There are three types of UltraStor™ RAID system that are ready to address customers’ need for storage; respectively, the high performance RS8/16 SS with SAS connectivity, the high availability RS8/16 FS with Fibre Channel connectivity, and the high bandwidth RS8/16 P4 with GbE connectivity. All three models are expandable and are accepting both low cost SATA disks and high reliability SAS disks. The UltraStor™ RS 8/16 systems have been widely used in data intensive applications such as backup storage, clustering, near-line storage or off-line archive data vault, 10-bit high definition video-editing, etc. While the RS8/16 SS SAS model produces the highest throughput and used in backup and clustering environments and the RS8/16 FS Fibre model is largely deployed in SAN application, the latest RS8/16 IP-4 iSCSI model comes with four (4+) gigabit Ethernet ports and is ideal for IP SAN and centrally managed storage applications. Designed to be simple and reliable, Enhance enterprise storage system can be mounted in minutes and monitored by normal administrative staff and simple manageability is available through Enhance Technology’s intuitive WebGUI remote storage management via web browser. While spare kits can be purchased separately that includes hot-swappable components such as fan and power module, Enhance enterprise solutions come default with UltraCare™ service offering next day parts replacement, advanced loaner unit, and 8 x 5 onsite supports. This provides an efficient and cost effective solution for SMB clients without the burden of hiring a dedicated technical staff. The successful UltraStor™ RS system witnesses an ever-growing installed customer base and has been intensively and extensively validated to be fully interoperable with most popular hardware such as host bus adapters (HBA), hard disks, switches, etc., and is compatible with software applications such as SAN and OS virtualization (VMware). Additional supported Operating Systems now include Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux 2.4, and Sun Solaris. Enhance also announced support for Window’s Multi-path I/O (MPIO) technology, delivering over 1,000 MB/sec performance (based on SS model). About Enhance Technology, Inc. Founded in 1997, Enhance Technology designs and manufactures high performance storage systems for digital content creation, medical imaging, security surveillance, post production, data archive and IT market places. Headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California with Asia branch in Taipei, Taiwan, Enhance Technology has become the world leader in designing and developing hybrid I/O storage solutions. For more information about the UltraStor™ Populated Storage Solutions and Onsite Services, please visit


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