Dubai's Booming TV Sector Banks of RTS & Telex

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

No fewer than three major players in the Dubai broadcast sector – Fawasel TV, Dubai Television and the rental company AV Concepts – have just ordered intercom systems from RTS, including

Zeus II matrices


RTS Two-Wire intercom systems


RTS keypanels

. Fawasel TV has been only been broadcasting from Dubai's booming Media City since January 2006, but with a million dollar budget, it looks set already to be a major player in the industry. Proof of the company’s ambition is its recent decision to invest in a variety of state-of-the-art intercom systems from RTS & Telex including a

Zeus II digital matrix


RTS keypanels

, an

RTS Two-Wire power supply

and a number of


, receivers and

IFB Talent transmitters

. Thanks to full compatibility of the

RTS matrices

, the company’s existing Sony cameras could be easily integrated into the system. As an intercom solution, the newly purchased equipment offers efficient duplex communication between directors and cameramen. As well as the newcomer to Dubai’s booming media scene, well-established Dubai Television has also just ordered several RTS systems including four

Zeus II digital matrices

and a total of 20


for its four trucks, thereby achieving a dramatic improvement in the efficiency of communication between directors, producers and production staff. RTS has also been making enormous headway in the rental sector; now based in Dubai, AV Concepts has just ordered an

RTS Two-Wire intercom system

along with a wide range of peripherals including six


, six


and a number of


. As well as a considerable improvement in communication logistics, the new purchases offer the option of integrating wireless intercom systems such as the

Telex RadioCom BTR 700


Telex RadioCom BTR 800

. Explaining the reasoning behind the new investment, a RTS partner in the region said: “The decisive factors influencing the decision were the reliability, expandability and compatibility of the systems as well as the excellent brand recognition of RTS. Given the boom in the Dubai broadcast sector, RTS products are set for a long run of success. Certainly in the intercom sector, the demand for high-end solutions is enormous.� For more information, visit the RTS & Telex Intercom website: