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Do Your Social Media Efforts Feel Antisocial? ClickFireMedia’s Webinar to the Rescue.

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Join social media vanguard ClickFireMedia live from

Social Media Week Chicago

(the international conference connecting leaders in social and mobile media) in a panel that addresses strategic planning, tools and tips for social channels and all the cool things you can do to effectively engage your consumer online.

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr—the current wave of social media provides tremendous opportunities to reach legions of potential clients and customers. But making those connections is not as easy as it sounds. For all those wondering how often to engage their Facebook fans, increase their retweet rate on Twitter, or make their Tumblr feed as strong as their competitors', ClickFireMedia has the answers.

Panelists include Click 3X and ClickFireMedia founder Peter Corbett; ClickFireMedia digital advertising expert Jennifer Winberg; Buddy Media General Manager and Webby Award-winner Myles Kleeger; SVP and Global Creative Director at Tribal DDB, Jim Marcus; and agency veteran and current TigerLogic VP of Marketing, Cliff Torng. DBA's Managing Director Kendra Bracken-Ferguson will moderate the panel. She was named Mobile Marker's "Mobile Women to Watch" in 2010.

Can't make it to the Windy City? In true social media fashion, everyone in the world is invited to join online by visiting

. To facilitate the webcast, ClickFireMedia is once again teaming with BitGravity, a leader in the field of online content delivery. Using BitGravity's network, the stream will be high quality, and available in multiple bit rates to provide for optimal connection speeds. In addition to ClickFireMedia's website for the panel, the feed will also be available on ClickFireMedia's

Facebook page

. The webinar will take place Wednesday, September 21 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Social Media Week 2011
Social Media Week Chicago 2011
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