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DFT FLEXXITY Post Production Software First to Include Native Support for ProRes on Linux OS

FLEXXITY Output page rendering QuickTime ProRes files
DFT Digital Film Technology, provider of high-end film and digital post production solutions that preserve, manage, and deliver your pictures, announces its FLEXXITY suite of software applications (Dailies, Playout, Archive) now includes native support of ProRes files on the Linux OS.

Whether facilities are working with on-set dailies, post dailies, playout and mastering, or archive workflows, FLEXXITY ingests and reads ProRes files directly, without the need for transcoding. Due to this native support, there are no workflow slowdowns that are often caused by transcoding delays.

FLEXXITY software runs on Linux, making it an ultra-stable, high performance, and high-throughput post production software tool for a variety of workflow pipelines. Linux also offers scale-up flexibility that allows users to implement a system that is fine-tuned to their specific needs from single-user seats, to multi-user workgroups. Linux OS is highly valued in post production environments for how quickly and predictably it responds.

The FLEXXITY on-set and post production Dailies software application with ProRes codec support, maintains the highest quality compressed video and lets users achieve real-time dailies processing. ProRes files coming directly from an Arri Alexa digital cinematography camera (or other digital cameras) can be ingested or placed directly onto the timeline in FLEXXITY Dailies for immediate viewing of digital dailies. In a post production environment, FLEXXITY Dailies software is used to deliver graded dailies and provides a collaborative toolset for a number of parallel activities including; audio ingest, image ingest, audio / video synchronization, metadata logging, grading, and playout / file generation. Files can also be preserved in the ProRes format for the downstream workflow all the way to the finished product.

FLEXXITY software offers real-time playback, quality control, color correction, scaling, sound synchronization and much more. It is resolution-independent, handles all kinds of source formats on the same timeline, and outputs a large variety of file formats and video streams in parallel.

ProRes, an intra-frame codec retains consistent quality in every frame, which speeds up editing and grading functions. It also requires less disk space compared to uncompressed video. In addition, the ProRes format provides an effective workflow for projects involving multiple acquisition formats when you want to standardize on a single codec. Until recently, it was not possible to efficiently combine the advantages of Linux OS with the ability to natively read ProRes files. FLEXXITY is among the first software solutions to offer this complete and time-saving feature.

Beside the ProRes format, FLEXXITY software applications are also able to natively read and debayer ARRIRAW files, RED raw R3D files and many other formats in its timeline. With this toolset, FLEXXITY offers a complete workflow that is unique to the market.

FLEXXITY software applications are available as software only, as well as turnkey systems including workstation, interfaces, storage, and grading panels.