Debut of Createasphere Digital Asset Management Conference in Europe Ends Two Days of Engaging Experts and Education

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Createasphere's Digital Asset Management Conference-Europe

made its bow at The Hague last week to strong response and an engaging lineup of speakers and sponsors. Createasphere - a global community builder for the entertainment technology industry - launched its Digital Asset Management Conference (DAM) in Los Angeles in 2010. Since its launch, based on positive response from sponsors and attendees,


has presented three additional conferences, including ones in New York and Los Angeles. Unveiling a European version of the conference on November 8 and 9 was in direct response to interest from European experts and companies engaged in leading asset management endeavors, according to Kristin Petrovich Kennedy, President of Createasphere. Createasphere's Digital Asset Management Conference-Europe was co-located with

SPAR Europe 2011

. With multiple platforms of images, video, and digital assets comes a new set of integration, archiving, multi-platform, security, and digital rights management issues; these two highly-focused conferences gave business professionals the opportunity to see end-to-end technologies. Kristin Petrovich Kennedy comments, "As our U.S. conferences have gained momentum, we heard from our colleagues in Europe that they were looking for the expert-driven conferences we were presenting. We have been fortunate to work with some of the most intriguing, inspiring and informative speakers this week. Given the response we received, we are looking forward to returning to Europe in 2012 with an expanded program." The European conference kicked off with keynote speeches from Ed Lantz, Thomas Schleu and Dieter Reichert. Lantz, president and CTO at Vortex Immersion Media, is a technologist and futurist with a background in hardware and software engineering, quantum physics, and electromagnetics. He is currently participating in the building and planning of an immersion environment at a new MGM Grand in China. Schleu, founder of CANTO software and recent winner of Createasphere's coveted DAMMY of the Year Award, is a highly respected software expert in DAM. Reichert is one of the co-founders of censhare AG. He is responsible for strategic planning and worldwide marketing of the censhare Communication and Publication System. Createasphere's DAM conferences shape the standards and explore the urgent global issues of digital asset management in the sectors of advertising, entertainment, media, publishing, museums, sports, and higher education, and will return to the U.S. in 2012 on February 22-23, 2012 in Los Angeles, September 27-28, 2012 in New York, and in Europe on November 13-14, 2012. For complete information, visit the website at


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Createasphere is a global community builder for the entertainment technology industry, advancing technologies and careers through Expos, Conferences, and online offerings. Createasphere was founded in 2001 as HD EXPO, and over the past decade has grown into a global company that develops and presents influential events for the content creation community, on line and face to face. Founded by Kristin Petrovich Kennedy in Los Angeles, Createasphere became part of Diversified Business Communications in 2009, now driving their entertainment strategies and properties division. Currently Createasphere is presenting the Entertainment Technology Expos in New York and LA; the Digital Asset Management Conference in New York, Los Angeles, and Europe; The DAMMY Awards in New York; Cinema India Expo in Mumbai; the online news and content portal; 3D Road Shows; and Post Production Master Classes. # # # Media Contact: Chris Purse, 818.303.8088 ignite strategic communications