Crossroads Finds WFAA-TV News Team "Right Here"

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How does a local TV news brand break through the clutter with a break-out campaign? In Dallas-Fort Worth, ABC affiliate WFAA-TV is the longtime local news leader in America's fifth-largest market. For Fall '08, they wanted to shake things up for their news brand, News8.

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"We wanted a fresh, contemporary campaign that would provide a true insight to each anchor, and accurately portray their individual authenticity, sincerity and unique personality," said Jim Glass, WFAA-TV's Creative Services Director. He asked Ronda Gibbons, Promotion Manager of On-Air Brands, and Monica Bradshaw, Brand Design Manager, to avoid standard news promo clichés and "create a real emotional connection with viewers." Then he sent them to New York for Promax/BDA to explore ideas.

On one of their first nights at Promax, Gibbons and Bradshaw went to an ABC function overlooking Times Square. "In the middle of this packed crowd," recalled Gibbons, "we met three people from Crossroads and hung out with them. They were fun, and one of them turned out to be from Dallas. I didn't think much of it at the time."

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But the next morning, Gibbons tracked down leading industry veteran Lee Hunt to ask for a referral. "And he immediately said, `You've got to talk to these guys at Crossroads.' I couldn't believe it. I said, `I just met them last night!'"

As it turned out, Crossroads creative director David Seeley lives in Dallas and shuttles between N.Y. and L.A. He knew the WFAA-TV brand in depth as a longtime viewer. Seeley and director Glenn Lazzaro proposed a new take on local TV promotion. "Instead of scripts, we interviewed the news team and got a lot of great, personal, revealing quotes," Seeley said. "We treated the campaign like a story."

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To achieve emotional intimacy, Lazzaro took inspiration from the striking, close-up portraiture of photographers Herb Ritts and Matthew Rolston. Crossroads created a spare, stylized set with small bursts of color reflecting the WFAA-TV news brand look. Then Lazzaro filmed the news team in eye-catching close-up, as they talked directly to viewers about their lives and connections to Dallas/Fort Worth.

The result: a campaign filled with insights and surprising revelations about D/FW's award-winning, #1 news team: news anchors John McCaa and Gloria Campos, Sports Director Dale Hansen, and Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus.

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WFAA-TV "Right Here" Promo Campaign
Creative Director/Director: Glenn Lazzaro
Creative Director/Writer: David Seeley
Executive Producer: Dean Winkler
Frank Dituri: Head of Production
Producer: Lynne Pateman
DP: Pierre Rouger
Production Manager: Nancy Williams
Crossroads Post Production Supervisor: Brett Karley

Client: WFAA-TV
Creative Services Director: Jim Glass
Promotion Manager, On-Air Brands: Ronda Gibbons
Brand Design Manager: Monica Bradshaw

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Crossroads Television creates award-winning campaigns for such networks as Bravo, CBS, ESPN, Lifetime, HGTV, ABC and FX.

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