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New York, NY – (February 7, 2008) – Company X & Sugarbox recently partnered with ad agency Element 79 to create a colorful four-spot package for Quaker Oatmeal. The campaign, touting the tagline “Every day should be this good,� features quirky, documentary-style vignettes of families and friends who enjoy Quaker Oatmeal together. “Grandmas� is an endearing and hilarious look at two grandmothers who adore their grandson, JJ. They confess about their grand-parenting skills: “Strict Grandma� disciplines JJ and doesn’t allow him to watch TV while “Bad Grandma� condones it. They both claim to make the best oatmeal; JJ whispers to the camera that Grandma Lola makes it better. The delightful spot concludes with the grandmothers in agreement, “It’s always better at grandma’s.� The other spots follow suit with playful glimpses into families and groups of friends who declare their love for Quaker Oatmeal and the man with the “white hair.� To view the Quaker Oatmeal campaign, please go to:

and click on “Login.� Job ID: quaker4 Password: quaker “What I love about working with Company X & Sugarbox is the seamless way the editing and composing happens,� says Element 79 Creative Director/Art Director Scott Smith. “Sometimes an edit dictates a certain type of music, and sometimes it’s the other way around. [Company X Editor] Barney Miller and [Sugarbox Composer] Andy Hollander are both completely ego-less, or at least they hide those big egos from us. It makes for a wonderful, open, free-to-explore atmosphere.� “Company X & Sugarbox elevated these spots from the expected style of so many testimonial commercials that are out there for other brands,� adds Element 79 Senior VP/Group Creative Director/Copywriter Chris Laubach. “Barney’s artsy documentary style and layering of images and voices make the viewer feel as if they are actually in the interview. Andy and his gang resist traditional musical arrangements and come up with really fresh and unexpected musical approaches that add to the fun the director has captured on film.� For Company X Editor Barney Miller, the campaign reunited him with Moxie Pictures Director Pam Thomas and the creatives at Element 79. The team had previously collaborated on a Quaker Oatmeal campaign last year, with one spot, “Verela,� earning a finalist nod from the London International Awards. “Last year’s campaign focused on heart health and lowering cholesterol,� remarks Miller. “This time it’s more about the flavors and branding, which gave us more free reign on a creative level. Pam shoots a lot of footage and captures great natural performances from the actors. We have our own system of organizing the footage and sound bytes into groups, and then mixing and matching for the best visual juxtapositions.� Due to a quick turnaround, Miller and assistant Rob Mead flew to Chicago where they began editing while the production team was shooting. This enabled Thomas to review the material with Miller, determine which scenes were effective and then shoot accordingly. Thomas also shot b-roll footage and used a double exposure technique, which provided Miller with a broad selection of textures, as well as background and in-camera elements to incorporate into the edit. “We are all huge music fans so the track played a big part of the creative,� continues Miller. “When the music house gets involved, I always request ideas to use in my rough edits. We make sure we’re all on the same page; it’s an organic flow and understanding.� Sugarbox’s Andrew Hollander and his team of composers were tasked with creating a different sound for each of the four spots in the campaign. “The goal with the spots was to create the feeling that you've gotten a glimpse into the unique world of the families and people featured in the spots. Whether it's a blues-organ trio or a banjo, old-time country track with a hip-hip groove under it, each spot has its own flavor while still maintaining consistency throughout the entire campaign.� Key to the seamless process was the ongoing creative discussion with Editor Barney Miller. Hollander and Miller worked simultaneously, exchanging ideas and revising edits and tracks as needed to integrate into the footage. “We definitely explored different sounds stylistically,� says Hollander. “Some elements fell into place very quickly while others required us to play around to really capture the essence of each spot.� “Everything, from the rhythm of the piece to the dialogue and imagery, flows together,� concludes Miller. “Scott and Chris are a joy to work with. Their open-mindedness with the creative process allowed us to jump in and experiment with no fear. We’re all very happy with the final product.� Client: PepsiCo. Airdate: 1/7/2008 Spot Titles: “Sleep Over� :30 “Quenans� :30 “Grandma’s� :30 “Kenniston� :30 Advertising Agency: Element 79 / Chicago, IL Senior VP/Group Creative Director/Copywriter: Chris Laubach Creative Director/Art Director: Scott Smith Executive Producer: Cheryl Lindquist Producer: Carolyn James Production Company: Moxie Pictures / Santa Monica, CA Director: Pam Thomas DP: Eric Treml Executive Producers: Robert Fernandez / Lizzie Schwartz Producer: Elena Halvorson Where shot: Chicago, IL Editorial Company: Company X Edit / New York, NY Editor: Barney Miller Assistant Editor: Rob Mead Postproduction Company: Optimus / Chicago, IL Colorist: Craig Leffel Music & Sound Design Company: Sugarbox / New York, NY Composer/Sound Designer: Sugarbox Executive Producer: Leigh Hurwitz Audio Post Company: Chicago Recording Company



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