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Codex Digital


), specialist in high-resolution media recording and workflow, is hosting a series of hands-on workshops during NAB 2008 that demonstrate the ease and practicality of assembling a complete data-based workflow from camera-to-post. The

“Codex On Location�

workshops will take place at Codex Digital’s booth in the

Central Hall (#C11212)

, with equipment provided by LA rental company Camera House, ARRI, Avid, and Assimilate. Utilising the same techniques and technology as used on a number of recent feature film projects, the workshops will reveal how Codex’s collaborative, non-linear workflows bring production and post production into parallel, replacing the film lab, telecine, tape-dubbing and ingest operations, and delivering enormous gains in productivity, creativity and budget. All the equipment for

“Codex On Location�

– ARRI D-21 and Thomson Viper cameras, lights, Codex recorder, editing, coloring and compositing systems – will be unpacked from a small van each day, and set up on the booth, illustrating how even the smallest crew can rapidly and seamlessly bring everything together from shoot to post-production.

Codex On Location will show how the production crew can immediately take complete control of footage, from the moment it has been shot; instantly playback any take in high-resolution; compare different takes/looks on demand; securely deliver material to whoever needs it, in the form they need it, on-set or worldwide; review edited/graded dailies without delay; and rapidly check that VFX shots are OK. “Codex workflows let you work in new and better ways,� said Paul Bamborough, a co-founder of Codex Digital. “Once you have worked with a Codex workflow, and enjoyed how much easier it makes day-to-day life on a production, you won’t want to go back.� Only Codex systems can capture raw HD, 2K and 4K camera data, generate real-time – or faster - output files in any format, including Avid DNxHD, DPX and Quicktimes, and deliver them to whoever requires the material.



Hawk-woods adds NEW batteries to their growing battery range at NAB 2019

Hawk-Woods batteries announces new ultra-small and lightweight additions to its Mini DV (MDV) and BPU battery line at NAB 2019. The MDV and BPU battery lines are a popular line of rechargeable batteries used to power everything from cameras, monitors and mixers. To support the growing power needs of camera operators, Hawk-Woods have doubled their range of MDV batteries, and are now offering a new 98Wh BP-U battery with dual output!