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Codex Digital, Assimilate to Demonstrate ARRIRAW Workflow at NAB

LAS VEGAS — At NAB 2011,

Codex Digita

l and


will conduct joint demonstrations of a new on-set workflow for ARRIRAW. The demonstrations will employ Codex’s Onboard Recorder and Transfer Station and Assimilate’s SCRATCH Lab, and will show the processing of ARRIRAW files (recorded with an ARRI Alexa camera) with visual quality checking, primary color grading, deliverables production, file back-up, and project management.
Demonstrations of the ARRIRAW workflow will be conducted at the Codex Digital booth (C8615) and at Assimilate’s suites at the Renaissance Hotel. Additionally, the workflow will be demonstrated at a meeting of the Assimilate Users Group on Sunday, April 10th, at the Hard Rock Café.
“This new workflow can be employed by virtually any production wishing to shoot with the Alexa camera in ARRIRAW mode�, according to Codex Digital Managing Director Marc Dando. “There has been tremendous interest in ARRIRAW and this new workflow is a practical choice,� he said. “Significantly, all of the technology is production-proven. Producers can employ it with complete confidence that they will achieve the quality and the efficiency they expect.�

“Until now, producers who wanted to use a raw workflow had a limited number of cameras from which to choose,� added Assimilate Director of Product Development Miguel Ferros. “Now a complete workflow is available for Arri Alexa and we expect it to be very popular. SCRATCH Lab delivers focused tools within a consistent, high-performing interface for anyone working near-set or in a VFX Dailies pipeline.
Hundreds of feature films and commercials have already utilized a dailies subset of SCRATCH in their VFX dailies pipeline and more and more in the near-set data lab set-ups. SCRATCH Lab will build on the strengths of this work with a more focused set of tools and competitive pricing�
The workflow will employ a Codex Digital Onboard Recorder in tandem with an ARRI Alexa camera to record ARRIRAW data files. The files will then be processed by a Codex Transfer Station for Mac which will make the files directly available to an Assimilate SCRATCH Lab in Avid DNxHD and ProRes 422 formats via Codex’s proprietary Virtual File System. SCRATCH Lab will also have direct access to metadata via the Transfer Station, as well as being able to auto-sync the audio files. SCRATCH Lab will be used for visual quality checking, primary color grading and shoot management, before exporting the project back to the Transfer Station with the color decision list. The Transfer Station will then be used to produce deliverables (with and without the CDL burned in) and back-up media.
To promote this new workflow, Assimilate will begin selling Codex’s Transfer Station for Mac through its worldwide reseller network. Transfer Stations sold this way will be branded with the Assimilate logo. Codex Digital will provide direct product support.


ASSIMILATE™ is transforming post production of visually complex imagery projects with its SCRATCH® Digital Process Solution, the essential mix for a real-time, resolution independent data pipeline. Along with data management, the SCRATCH software features a rich set of DI and post tools for working in any combination of HD, SD, film (2K, 4K), RED ONE 4K, and stereoscopic 3D. ASSIMILATE is committed to empowering the broad spectrum of creative and post professionals with state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, data-centric solutions that deliver optimal price/performance. To learn more about SCRATCH and to access user case studies, see


About Codex Digital

Codex Digital, who are based in London, England design and manufacture high-end digital equipment for motion picture and television production, products include the award-winning high-resolution media recorders and a range of media management stations to manage the entire workflow of a digital production from set to post production. The company is setting new standards for end-to-end production workflow.

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