Codex Digital Appoints Priestnall to Chief Marketing Post for North America

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Codex Digital

, the leading developer of digital media recorders and media management systems for film and television production, has appointed Sarah Priestnall to the newly-created post of Vice President for Market Development. Priestnall is an expert in file-based production and post production with a background in marketing, facility management and operations. She previously served as Vice President of Operations at the post house Hollywood Intermediate, and has also held senior positions with Cinesite, Kodak and Discreet Logic. Priestnall will be based in Southern California and focus on the North American market. Her role will be to educate producers, post production companies and others about the benefits of Codex Digital’s technology and how it can be used to facilitate and manage file-based workflows. “Sarah’s career parallels the industry’s transition from film to digital technology, and she has been closely involved in the development of many new and innovative products and production processes,� said Codex Digital managing director Marc Dando. “She will be a very valuable ally to our customers as they adopt the new production models that are transforming the way films and television shows are made.�

Priestnall spent three years at Hollywood Intermediate where she supervised digital intermediate post production work on more than 30 films. Prior to that, she was Director of Operations for the Digital Mastering Group at Cinesite. Her work there included managing the digital intermediate process for O Brother Where Art Thou, widely considered a breakthrough. At Kodak, she served as Product Manager for the Academy Award-winning Cineon software. “I am very excited to have the opportunity to introduce companies to Codex Digital technology,� said Priestnall. “The transition from film to digital processes is happening very quickly, and Codex is well positioned to capitalize on that change by providing production and post production companies the tools they need to need to make the transition successfully and with maximum benefit.�

About Codex Digital

Codex Digital, who are based in London, England design and manufacture high-end digital equipment for motion picture and television production, products include the award-winning high-resolution media recorders and a range of media management stations to manage the entire workflow of a digital production from set to post production. The company is setting new standards for end-to-end production workflow. For more information please visit