Cloud Computing Improves Productivity for 3D Graphics, Entertainment and Film Communities

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- RevUp Render unveils new RevUp COSMOS cloud computing system at Createasphere 2011 - Booth demonstrations highlight cost and performance advantages of working in the cloud vs. working locally

The 3D design, entertainment and film communities strive to improve productivity, protect budgets and maintain the bottom line. Today at

Createasphere 2011


RevUp Render

, an innovator of cloud computing technology for improved productivity in the design and entertainment industries, announced today


, a powerful platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud computing system that delivers on-demand supercomputing power without a significant financial investment.

In collaboration with Five9 Network Systems and Tweak Software, RevUp Render will be showcasing RevUp COSMOS at Createasphere Entertainment Technology Exposition (booth #421) at the New Yorker Hotel in New York City on September 20-21, 2011.

At Createasphere, attendees will be able to compare the performance of supercomputing hardware running locally to that of a similar RevUp COSMOS infrastructure running in the cloud to see firsthand how integrating cloud-based technology into the creative pipeline can greatly reduce up front and ongoing design and production costs. “The promise of working in the cloud for design, animation, and post production professionals has finally been realized,” explains Ry Bruscoe, founder and president of RevUp Render. The ability to rent this kind of on-demand performance instead of continuously upgrading existing hardware to remain competitive will be game changing for artists and studios around the world.”

About RevUp COSMOS

RevUp COSMOS is a secure virtual cloud system (VCS) that can be accessed via the Internet from any location in the world. Created for graphics-intense design applications, RevUp COSMOS eliminates the need to upgrade existing desktop workstations by always the most powerful CPUs, GPUs and RAM in the cloud to achieve maximum software performance. The COSMOS HPC servers and clusters include: - Intel and AMD quad and Hexa core processors - Up to several terrabytes of RAM - NVIDIA and ATI graphics processing units (GPUs) - Advanced I/O data access system (Solid State Live Storage) with Redundant disaster recovery - Support for Windows 7 64-bit and Linux operating systems For more information about RevUp Render solutions, please visit

or call 1-855-847-3887 (855-84-RevUp). For additional details about Createasphere visit;

Five9 Network Systems at

and Tweak Software at


About RevUp Render

RevUp Render develops cloud-computing technology for the architectural, entertainment and graphics design communities. Bridging the gap between the creative mind and model rendering, the company also offers consulting services and custom software development for architectural, BIM, and 3D applications.



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