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Cinedeck EXTREME Enhances Sony F3 High End RGB 444 Workflow

Evolve IMG Puts Cinedeck EXTREME and Sony F3 Workflow to the Test for ESPN

New York, NY (September 1, 2011)

— Cinedeck LLC ( announced today it is continuing to make significant strides enhancing state-of-the-art, multi-format file-based production workflows and support for the newest, industry-popular cameras. Cinedeck also announced today that Evolve IMG, a boutique digital creative agency based in Chicago, IL, and close partner with ESPN and the ESPN SportsCenter program, has completed extensive testing of the Sony F3 with the Cinedeck EXTREME in preparation for an ESPN shoot.

For its testing and in preparation for the ESPN shoot, Evolve IMG focused on recording, file format and rigging support with the Sony F3 and the Cinedeck EXTREME, and confirmed numerous file-based workflow enhancing benefits for the Sony F3 for filmmakers and production crews. More importantly, as stunning image quality is one of the most important requirements for ESPN, the Evolve IMG team honed in on Cinedeck EXTREME’s workflow when shooting S-Log/444 mode with the Sony F3.

“High-end RGB 444 recording off the Sony F3’s sensor is a game changer for filmmakers, and Cinedeck EXTREME makes it simple with so many options to fit your workflow, taking the technical stress out of a shoot,” said Joel Edwards, DP / Technical Director Evolve IMG Films. “Shooting with the F3, we quickly learned how Cinedeck EXTREME can take the F3’s functionality so much further. When shooting in S-Log/444 mode, we discovered the third SDI port and HDMI out of the F3 no longer work in all frame rates. This is where Cinedeck saved the day; we were able to use the Cinedeck EXTREME’s outputs for EVF monitoring. This is an awesome feature that’s crucial for the crew, producers and clients. This feature alone is worth the price of admission.”

Joel continued, “Cinedeck EXTREME also gives you many recording options for your RGB 444 stream, which is very compelling, especially when space is limited or the highest end codec is not required. For example, we discovered we could use ProRes HQ and still get the 14 stops of dynamic range S-Log output quality without mastering to true 444. This is another one of those really nice options to have!”

The Sony F3 has quickly emerged as a sought-after high-end digital solution for cinematographers seeking broad format support for file-based workflows for a wide range of production environments including RGB 4:4:4 baseband output with S-Log gamma for external recording, an important feature for customers requiring an HDCAM-SR™ workflow. However, Evolve IMG’s testing of the Cinedeck EXTREME with the F3 confirms the EXTREME as a significantly higher-value, lower cost alternative to SR with significantly more functionality.

Cinedeck EXTREME: Unique, Value-Add to the Sony F3
The Cinedeck EXTREME delivers a number of unique, valuable benefits to the Sony F3, providing filmmakers and cinematographers with a powerful, simple file-based workflow, with advantages including:

– Cinema-grade S-Log recording;
– Simple RGB 444;
– 3G single link BNC;
– Dual-link HDSDI BNC;
– Live output of Cinedeck EXTREME feeds EVF;
– Support for the widest variety of codecs;
– Flexible arm mounting;
– Provides perfect alternative to RAW TIFF files

Cinedeck EXTREME starts at $8495 and features unparalleled flexibility with the widest range of edit-ready formats available on a single device. The following formats come standard and are supported natively on Cinedeck EXTREME:
– Avid DNxHD (MXF wrapped)
– Apple ProRes (including 4444)
– CineForm Digital Intermediate
– Uncompressed 422 (.mov)
– Uncompressed 444 (.mov)

For more information on Cinedeck EXTREME v2.1, please visit
Come see Cinedeck at the International Broadcasters Convention (Amsterdam September 9 -13th) in the Oxygen stand, Hall 10, Stand B44 as well as in the Avid stand, Hall 7, Stand J20.

About Cinedeck LLC

Founded by cinematographers in the heart of New York City, Cinedeck is redefining mobile, digital cinematography by delivering the industry’s first extremely portable, affordable camera-mountable cinema-grade recording and monitoring device, Cinedeck EXTREME.  Cinedeck has been honored with the “2010 TV Technology STAR Award,” the “2010 Vidy Award,” and DV Magazine’s “Award of Excellence.” For more information, please visit