Cine-tal Opens New Headquarters

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Cine-tal Systems (

), a leading manufacturer of image processing, display and collaboration solutions used in digital cinema and video production, has moved into a new 17,000 square foot facility in Indianapolis. The move will enable the company to meet rising demand by tripling production capacity for its current product line, including its flagship product Cinemage™ and to bring several new products into production. By the end of 2008, Cine-tal expects to have increased its engineering and manufacturing staff by threefold and to have effected a similar increase to its sales and marketing team. Cine-tal has earned wide praise for its innovative product line, resulting in demand that has far surpassed its expectations. “Current orders are nearing our ability to accommodate them,� said Cine-tal President and CEO Rob Carroll. “This move will also allow us to get new products into production and out into the marketplace more quickly.� Cine-tal’s products support the growing number of film and television productions that are adopting digital acquisition, and also provide a solution for post production facilities seeking to replace outmoded CRT monitors. Cinemage is a precision calibrated HD monitor with integrated tools for color previsualization, quality control and collaboration. On set the Cinemage can monitor the feed from a digital camera and instantly apply color processing for preview purposes without permanently changing image data. This technique ensures that what is captured on the set can be processed in post production to meet the desired look of the director and cinematographer. The system also features networking tools that allows productions to collaborate with their post production partners in order to set looks while shooting is ongoing. In post production environments, Cinemage offers a means of monitoring color accuracy during such processes as visual effects production and digital intermediate color grading. Cinemage was first introduced at NAB 2006 where it was named a “Pick Hit� by Millimeter Magazine and a “Top Ten Product� by Digital Content Producer. About Cine-tal Cine-tal Systems develops display, collaboration and image processing solutions for digital cinema and video production and post production. Cine-tal is a privately held company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. For more information, call (317) 576-0091 or visit




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