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chrome Touches the Right Note with Dell Campaign

chrome Editors Hal Honigsberg and Lance Pereira, collaborating with Psyop/Smuggler and Wunderman, just released a slate of :30s promoting Dell’s exciting new products. The project showcases a myriad of challenging split-screens and an ever-changing mix of graphic and live-action footage.

Inspiron One

is an exhilarating perspective on Dell’s Inspiron One Touch Screen. A high-speed cavalcade of images flashes by, sometimes with the screen split into three streaming bands, scrambling images of smiling bystanders. The screen – which often features vibrant graphic images – splits in half or into quads as the focus shifts from potential Dell users to the slick computers themselves.

Inspiron R

is a narrator-driven adventure emphasizing Dell’s affordable Inspiron 15R laptop and tremendous customer support. The spot skips from triple-screen, scrolling images of customers to crazy fantastical graphic worlds populated with planet-sized monsters to a live-action laptop covered in miniature laborers maintaining the machine.

“With excellent footage from Psyop/Smuggler, we knew that chrome could help execute our creative vision of mixing live action footage and graphic elements into a compelling spot,” noted Wunderman CD Nick Moore. “We wanted the spots to have a unique perspective editorially-speaking, and with Hal and Lance’s help, the process was seamless.”

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Client: Dell

Spot Title(s):

Inspiron One


Inspiron R



Air Date: December 2010

Agency: Wunderman

CD: Nick Moore

AD(s): Steve Henderson, Julian Gonzales, Mike Peterson

Copywriter(s): Mike Hurly, Dan Cassidy

EP: Fred Slobodin

Prod Co: Psyop/Smuggler

Director(s): Alex Hanson, Tibo Debaveye

DP: Peter Tischhauser

EP(s): Neysa Horsburgh, Kim Wildenburg

Producer: Cally Morton

Post/Effects Co: Psyop

Lead VFX/Inferno Artist(s): Katrina Salicrup, Kirk Balden, Alex Kolasinski

Lead 3D: Andrew Romatz.

3D Artist(s): Donald Strubler, Jean Choi, Mike Riendeau, Rie Ito, Victor Garza

2D Artist: Ara Devejian

Designer/Animator: Georgia Tribuiani

EP(s): Neysa Horsburgh, Kim Wildenburg

Producer: Cally Morton

Editorial Co: chrome

Editor(s): Hal Honigsberg, Lance Pereira

EP: Betsy Beale

Producer: Rebecca Baker

Music Co: Terrorbird Media

Composer: Kyle Andrews

EP: Eric David Johnson, Y&R

Audio Post Co: POP

Mixer: Mitch Dorf

EP: Susie Boyajan

Producer: Susie Boyajan

Shoot Location: South Africa

About chrome

Santa Monica-based chrome was founded in 2001 by Editors Hal Honigsberg and Lance Pereira and joined by Editor Adam Parker in 2003. chrome is an award winning boutique editorial studio providing in-house finishing and graphics for commercials, film and the web. Led by Executive Producer Betsy Beale, chrome is committed to helping its clients maximize their projects’ creative potential.

More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA)