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Chrome Editor Hal Honigsberg, working with Joneses Director Vincent Laforet via Motive, recently edited a 30-second for Mountain Dew to introduce its new Mountain Dew White Out drink.

Here's to the Loud

is a 30-second, nationwide celebration of youth and energy that marks the launch of the latest Mountain Dew flavor: Mountain Dew White Out. The characters are portrayed in a black-and-white montage spiked with a colorful Mountain Dew bottle, and appear alone and in groups, stoic and shouting, dancing and standing confidently still. The winning flavor was chosen through the DEWmocracy 2 campaign during which fans led in all aspects of the creation of the Mountain Dew White Out, including the color, name, design and even the advertising. The footage conveys a raw, fan-driven feel - consistent with brand's approach of relying on the collective intelligence of its fans to design and choose the newest member of the Mountain Dew family.

Honigsberg stitched this varied footage with a rocking backbeat and a voiceover celebrating the soft-drink democracy. "In keeping with the Mountain Dew brand, this is an energetic spot," noted Honigsberg. "We had to pack a tremendous amount of footage into a 30-second without sacrificing the quality, a tough assignment, but the final product looks great and made the challenge worthwhile."

Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew

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Client: Mountain Dew

Spot Title:

Here's to the Loud

Air Date: October 2010

Agency: Motive

CD: Matt Statman

AD: Spencer Trierweiler

Copy: Glenn Morey

Producer: Carol Williams

Prod Co: Joneses

Director: Vincent Laforet

DP: Vincent LaForet

EP: Annie Hanlon

Producer: Beth Aranda

Editorial Co: chrome

Editor: Hal Honigsberg

EP: Betsy Beale

Producer: Rebecca Baker

Post/Effects Co: Elephant

Lead Artist: Rob Doolittle

Producer: Aaron Leichter

Shoot Location: Across the US and Denver

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