Beast Helps Febreze Conjure Up a Sweet Scent

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, one of the nation's top editorial facilities, recently completed work on a campaign for


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Grey New York

. The campaign involves spraying disgusting, smelly environments with Febreze and bringing in unsuspecting blindfolded people off the street and asking them to participate in a scent/fragrance experiment. Hilarity ensues when the blindfolds come off and the people realize where they truly are.

Three spots from the campaign won awards at the 2011 Cannes Lions. Two spots, "


" and "


," received Film Lions Silver Awards and "

The Breathe Happy Social Experiment

" came away with a Promo & Activation Bronze Award. Another spot from the campaign, "Susan and Erica," was also shortlisted for a Film Lions. The initial challenge this campaign posed was sorting through the sheer volume of footage that was shot. Hidden cameras were used in various locations, all set up to capture hundreds of hours of reactions from the unsuspecting volunteers. "This campaign was a journey of discovery," said Editor Michael Elliot who worked on both "Hotel" and "Restaurant." "We were searching for the story arc in the reactions of the participants. Sam Cadman and I worked through the footage to discover where he felt the humor and story emanated from, and then Rob Perillo and Rob Lenois, the Grey Creative Directors, provided a very experienced comic direction to the story, the participants and the role of the product in the mix." Editor Rebecca Beluk, who worked on "The Breathe Happy Social Experiment" offered, "Grey gave the hidden camera genre a creative twist. This is a very unique campaign that does things that haven't been seen in a very long time." Elliot echoed Beluk's sentiments. "James McPherson and the rest of the creatives at Grey were a pleasure to work with. It's really gratifying to see the campaign being recognized by Cannes Lions and the public." Client: Procter & Gamble - Febreze Titles: "Couch," "Hotel," "Restaurant," "Susan and Erica," "Breathe Happy Social Experiment" Agency: Grey New York Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren ECD: Noel Cottrell/Per Pedersen VP/CD: Rob Lenois VP/CD: Rob Perillo SVP/EP: James McPherson Assistant Producer: Angela Ong Production Company: Station Filmsleuth Director: Sam Cadman Managing Partner: Stephen Orent Partner/EP: Thomas Rossano Producer: Kate Sutherland Edit Company: Beast/NY Editor: Michael Elliot Editor: Rebecca Beluk EP: Elizabeth Krajewski Producer: Jessica Stanchak Online/Finish: Gryphyn Graphics: Method Studios Audio: Sound Lounge Sound mixer: Glen Landrum and Eric Warzecha

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