Backyard’s Pritts Directs Charter’s Fourth Quarter "Let It All In" Campaign

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Backyard Director Rob Pritts, via The Richards Group, recently completed an entertaining eight-spot campaign under the Let It All In idea. The campaign highlights the emotional experiences that result from using Charter TV, Internet and phone services. The campaign is notable for the breadth and variety of the individual spots, which together form a unique showcase of Pritts' versatility. Four of the spots are currently airing, with the remaining four slated to air late in the fall.


cleverly showcases Charter's two-year price guarantee for its three-in-one TV, Internet, and phone packages by profiling grinning, love-struck newlyweds strolling into their spacious new home, boxes stacked high. Two years later, the frazzled duo is stuck in the cluttered home with bawling twins. "A lot can change in two years, but not everything has to," a narrator offers before detailing the company's consistent price policy.

All Nighter

highlights Charter On Demand. When a hapless office worker overhears an attractive colleague discussing her obsession with the fictional chic-drama Lola's Life, he spends a sleepless night on the couch laughing, crying, and cheering along with the entire series, an exhaustive experiment that provides conversational gold the next day at work.


is a plug for Charter DVR. A football-crazy sports fan explodes into his home and begs his pet parrot to reveal the final score of the match-up between St. Louis and Seattle. "Game over. Last second field goal," the bird replies. "Which team?" the fan begs. The absurd exchange continues until the parrot suggests tuning into the DVR to watch the entire game uninterrupted, sending the elated fan into exaltations over his pet's genius.


is an inventive, engrossing spot featuring the classic tune You Are My Sunshine. As a lone artist sings through a soft rendition of the tune in a YouTube-style Internet video, snippets of classic movies, sitcoms, gamers, and hardcore partiers appear in-camera and across multiple TV and computer screens, each shown verbalizing parts of the song's lyrics in an out-of-context situation: "Sun-shine!" yell a pair of roof-raising, dorm-room-bound college kids; "You make me…" growls an exacerbated TV sitcom housewife; "Happy?" shrugs her husband; "When skies are gray," bellows a weatherman from a laptop screen.

Charter Communications
Charter Communications
Charter Communications

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Client: Charter Communications

Spot Title(s):







All Nighter


My Day, Calling Home, Frame, Good Game

Air Date: September 2010

Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas, TX

CD: Lennon Courtney

AD: Bo McCord, Judy Wright, Kiran Koshy, Elijah Farmer

Copy: Tom McDonough, Wade Sturdivant, Wendy Mayes, Jim Goldberg, Lennon Courtney

Producer: Kim Alexander

Prod Co: Backyard

Director: Rob Pritts

DP: Nigel Bluck

EP: Kris Mathur

Producer: Carr Donald

Editorial Co: N20 Editorial

Editor: Jayson Limmer

Producer: Barbara Sanders

EP: Lisa Hill

Post/Effects Co: N20 Editorial

Lead VFX/VFX Artist: Dan Hill

Telecine Co: Filmworkers Club Dallas

Colorist: Matt McClain

Producer: Juanita Davilla

Music Co: Breed Music

Creative Director: Brian Flores

Producer: Kathy Cogar

Audio Post Co: N20

Mixer: Eric Jenkins

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

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