AvatarLabs Names Laura Primack Senior Art Director/Producer

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Encino, CA, September 12, 2006- AvatarLabs, a full-service motion graphics and online design studio for the entertainment industry led by noted creative director/producer/designer Rex Cook, has named Laura Primack as an Avatarian Maximus - a 21st century hybrid of Senior Art Director and Producer. Mr. Cook made the announcement.

In her new role for AvatarLabs, Primack will continue her work as a leader in the rapidly evolving world of online rich advertising and film marketing on behalf of the major film studios. Recent major online campaigns she has helmed include those for “Miami Vice” and “The Ant Bully,” as well as Warner Bros. upcoming film, “Happy Feet.”


RISDI graduate Laura Primack left her hometown of Chicago to relocate to Los Angeles in 2000. Prior to joining AvatarLabs, she worked at some of Hollywood‘s most highly esteemed creative film marketing and design companies, including DNA, Colony and The Ant Farm. She has been a designer and integral part of AvatarLabs since the company‘s inception in 2001.

At AvatarLabs, Primack continues her innovative online movie marketing work, on behalf of clients at every major movie studio: Fox, Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Sony and Paramount.


Founded in 2001 by Executive Creative Director Rex Cook, AvatarLabs is a full-service motion graphics and online design studio with solid relationships with the marketing divisions of every major Hollywood motion picture studio. Avatar is the 2006 winner of a DGA “IMAC” (Internet Movie Advertising Creative Showcase) Award for Creative Excellence.

Recent AvatarLabs projects have included creating online theatrical advertising campaigns for the upcoming feature films “Black Dahlia” and “Man of the Year” from Universal, “Flicka” and “The Marine” from Fox, and “Marie Antoinette” from Sony, along with those for the recent films “Miami Vice”, “King Kong”, “The Break-Up”, “My Super Ex Girlfriend”, “The Omen”, “Chicken Little”, “Chronicles of Narnia”, “Ice Age 2”, “ATL”, “The Ant Bully” and “The Wild.”

AvatarLabs is located at 16838 Addison Street, Encino, CA, 91436. The phone is 818/728-6778. For more information, please visit





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