Asylum and Tool Go To Battle For Mini Cooper

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The Brief:

VFX Supervisor/Lead Compositor Sean Devereaux of Asylum creates the CG for a thrilling, yet humorous :60 spot titled

Demon Carts

, directed by Geordie Stephens of Tool of North America. It's Stephen King's


revisited with a twist, as the spot opens on several "evil" shopping carts with minds of their own. The rogue carts meander a parking lot amongst their slain victims; over-turned smoking cars powerless to their unfaltering assailants. The slick maneuvering of the Mini Cooper, however, is unrivaled by the carts as they are unable to strike their nemesis.

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The Creds:

Client: Mini Cooper

Spot Title: Demon Carts :60

Air Date: September 2008

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Agency: Butler, Shine Stern & Partners

Executive CD: John Butler

Associate CD: Steve Mapp

EP: Adrienne Cummins

Sr. Producer(s): Kat Friis

Prod Company: Tool of North America

Director: Geordie Stephens

DP: Richard Henkels

EP(s): Jennifer Siegel, Brian Latt

Producer: Joby Ochsner

Production Supervisor: Brendan Kling

Production Coordinator: Brian Armstrong

1st AD: Mike Curtis

2nd AD: Joe Gray

Post/Effects: Asylum

VFX/Lead Compositor: Sean Devereaux

Inferno Artist: James Allen

EP: Michael Pardee

Producer: Darcie Muangman

Bidding Producer: Michael Hanley

Coordinator: Jennie Burnett

Editorial: Cosmo Street

Editor: Christian Jordan

Telecine: Complete Post

Audio Post: Lime Studios

Music Company: Beacon Street Studios

About Asylum:

Asylum is a premier visual effects and design company, handling high-profile features, commercials, music videos, and emerging media content for web and mobile platforms. Asylum created the visual effects for such films as

Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World

(Academy Award and BAFTA nominated),

Moulin Rouge


Minority Report


Phantom Of The Opera


Pirates Of The Caribbean ll & lll

, Mel Gibsons's


, Tony Scott's

Déjà Vu


Man on Fire

& Domino and Ridley Scott's

Black Hawk Down

. Asylum has done spot work for brands such as Nike, Sony Playstation, Coke, BMW, Gatorade and Visa. In addition, Asylum Design has created award winning title and graphic design work for such films as Tim Burton's

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


X-Men I




The Island


Bad Boys II




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